5 Things You Need To Do For Silky Smooth Underarms

Here we have listed a few tips that you can follow to take care of your underarms and groom that most ignored area.

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Jun 18, 2021Updated at: Jun 18, 2021
5 Things You Need To Do For Silky Smooth Underarms

Let me put it in a simple way, what all do you do for your underarms apart from dusting some talcum and spraying deodorants on it? If you are lost in deep thoughts and still can not figure out another answer to this question then you definitely need to keep on reading this. Underarms are usually one of the most ignored parts of our body that needs more than just waxing. After going through all the pain of waxing, shaving and sweating your underarms go through  you surely owe them some kind of treatment. 

5 Things You Need To Do For Silky Smooth Underarms


Here we have listed a few tips that you can follow to take care of your underarms and groom that most ignored area.

1. Exfoliate

Guess your face is not the only one which needs some deep exfoliation but your underarms need to be pampered too. Exfoliation is an important step which helps you to get rid of those dead skin cells that will help you to get an appearance of lighter underarms. Exfoliating your underarms can be really important for someone who chooses to shave instead of waxing. It also helps you to get rid of bacteria and gives you nice, fresh and soft underarms. 

In order to exfoliate your underarms you can either choose a toner or topical cream which contains glycolic acid or lactic acid. As lactic acid is a non-abrasive exfoliator that will also help to lighten dark underarms and glycolic acid being a super exfoliator helps to slough away the irritated, discolored and damaged skin cells from the surface with ease.

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2. Moisturise


Just like the rest of your skin your underarms need to be moisturised too. Moisturising skin helps to decrease the scaliness of the skin and make it soft and supple. Moisturising can be very beneficial as your armpits need hydration too. Moisturising on a regular basis can help you to get rid of parched skin and those ingrown hairs. It is a must to moisturise those freshly shaved underarms as those thick coarse hair are more likely to result in those irritating ingrown hairs.

When moisturising you can either use aloe vera gel or a moisturising cream to pamper the area as you come out of the shower or to ease up the process you can go a step further and invest in a moisturising spray or deodorant.

3. Shave with Care

Shaving your undermas is not as bad as it has been said to be by your parlour wali aunty who made you believe that no one but she can save you from that even that tiniest bit of hair on your underarms. All you need to do is take care of a few things while shaving your underarms. Before starting to shave make sure that you let the shaving cream sit on your skin for about 15-20 seconds before using the razor. Make sure that you go ahead with light strokes while using your razor on the skin instead of going harsh and hard. Do not forget to moisturise as it will help to give you soft armpits with a youthful look.

4. Mask


Gone are the days when you used to apply those face packs and masks just on your face because now you need one for your underarms too. Masking comes along with many benefits as it can help you to detox your underarms and also act as a natural deodorant. Not just this but masking your armpit can even lighten up the area and make it feel fresh, supple and soft. Masking underarms keeps the bacteria at bay, clear up rashes and make you sweat less. 

You can extend your face mask on to your armpits or follow your nani’s years old recipe and  make a miltani mitti and rose water pack and apply it onto your armpits once in a week.

5. Avoid

There are a few things that can actually have some adverse effects on your skin and especially your underarm areas as the skin at that part of your body is a bit sensitive. As rubbing alcohol gets absorbed into your skin very quickly, a repeated use can lead to skin problems such as redness, rashes and bumps and cracks in your skin. Not just this but a prolonged use can eventually lead to accidental poisoning.

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Here were a few suggestions and tips that you can follow to pamper those underarms you have been ignoring for a while now. Make sure that you take proper patch tests before using any new skin care products on your skin to check if you are allergic to it. Do not apply any kind of beauty or skincare products on the area where you have burns, cuts, wounds or bumps.

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