Are You Planning To Try Face Shaving? These Tips Can Come In Handy

Facial shaving is an inexpensive method to get rid of unwanted facial hair and peach fuss. If you are thinking to give it a try, here are some tips.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jul 26, 2020 11:19 IST
Are You Planning To Try Face Shaving? These Tips Can Come In Handy

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Face shaving has become a popular method these days especially post lockdown. Women have discovered different ways in which they can do all the personal grooming at home. Until now, ladies used to rely on beauty parlours and salons for grooming but quarantine has taught them self-grooming techniques and hacks. Shaving for facial hair removal is one of them. With most beauty bloggers and influencers going the face shaving way, it has given inspired other women to follow the route. If you are also thinking to give face shaving a try, you must note these important points.

Keep separate razors for face and other body parts

While you can use the same razor on your hands and legs, never use the same on your face. We all know that our facial skin is delicate and prone to infections more than hands & legs. Shaving not only removes the hair growth but also a layer of dead skin cells. Sharing razors or using the same razor on legs and face doubles up the risk of cuts, irritation, inflammation and skin infections. Similarly, you should be careful when shaving pubic hair.

Shave with a men’s razor

While this may sound absurd to some who think men’s razors are sharp but we mustn’t ignore the fact that they are specifically for face shaving. Using men’s razor is best advised for women who have thick and rough facial hair. Just use a shaving cream while doing the shave or you may also use coconut oil to prep your face for razor strokes. This brings the best smooth shave with reduced risks of skin infections. Also, never shave your face daily.

Ingrown hairs are very common post-shaving

While shaving gives a smooth, silky finish to your face, it may also cause ingrown hair. The friction caused may trigger pesky ingrown hair growth followed by small bumps on the skin. It is very important to follow the correct facial shaving steps. You must shave in the direction of hair growth to minimize friction and prevent ingrown hair. You can also try ingrown care products if there are many.

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Face shaving and dermaplaning are not the same

Dermaplaning is a new clinical skincare technique that is conducted under supervision. This process aims to mechanically eliminate the dead skin cells layer through excessive exfoliation. This is a critical process that should be conducted only by a dermatologist. Many women think that shaving and dermaplaning are similar while they are different.

While shaving is all about removing hair which also works on eliminating the dead cells layer, dermaplaning is all about dead skin layer removal and not hair removal.

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No. Your facial hair won’t grow thicker and darker

It is a common myth that shaving makes the hair grow coarser and darker. Since shaving only cuts off the hair from the dermal layer, it has no effects on the color, texture or regrowth of the hair. They will grow naturally. While growing, they may feel stubbly but the thickness would be the same. 

If you are thinking to not put yourself at risk by going to the parlour and shave your face at home instead, the above-mentioned tips would come in handy.

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