What’s The Best and Worst Sleeping Position According To Body Science?

Your sleeping position plays an important role in your health as diet and lifestyle do. Read this article to know which position is good for you.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Apr 03, 2020Updated at: Apr 03, 2020
What’s The Best and Worst Sleeping Position According To Body Science?

If you wake up tired even after a good 7-hour sleep, your sleeping position is to be blamed. Just as important it is to maintain sleep patterns, the position in which you sleep is equally important for your optimal health. The sole objective behind sleep is relaxation to the mind and body. Inadequate sleep or poor sleep patterns or bad sleeping position, all are culprits behind the illnesses that you suffer from. This could lead to uneasiness throughout the day, body aches and pain, poor gut health, anxiety, and a lot more health problems.

While sleeping at the back or the left side is considered to be the best position, sleeping on the stomach puts your gut health at risk. Keep reading to find the best and worst sleeping positions for health and wellness according to body science.

Best Position– Sleeping On the Backside

If you sleep with your back and the head facing up, this position is considered the best for your body. The reason being, while sleeping in this position, the weight of all the parts of your body remains the same which doesn’t put any strain on the bones and muscles. According to experts, since many nerves of your body are suppressed at bedtime, your brain keeps controlling blood circulation (blood flow) by changing the sideways and moving the body.

Good position- sleeping on the left side

If you like sleeping with curls, then you should always sleep on the left side. This position can be considered good for your body. Usually, most people also feel relaxed in this position. The most important cardiovascular system and heart are present in the right part of your body for your life. So sleeping on the left side does not put pressure on these organs and their entire weight remains on the bed.

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Fine Position- Sleeping on the right side

If you sleep on the right side, it is not such a bad position. Sleeping on the right side stresses your blood vessels, so sleeping in this position several times may interrupt the blood flow. Apart from this, it also puts pressure on your lungs. But you can sleep in this position for a short time. However, those who are complaining of heartburn, chest irritation and acidity or pregnant women are not advised to sleep on the side.

Worst Position - Sleeping on the belly

If you sleep fully on your stomach, that is, keeping the mouth and hands down, then this position can prove to be the most fatal for your body. In this way, all your organs are buried under your weight due to sleep, due to which all the essential functions of the body are interrupted. Apart from this, sleeping in such a position can sometimes cause body pain and many other health problems.

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Bad position- sleeping with one leg up

If you lie on your stomach and lie on the other foot and sleep, then this position is not good for your body health. Doing this emphasizes the part of your pelvic (tree). Apart from this, sleeping with one foot upward takes more effort to pump blood to your heart. So sleeping in this way is not right. However, in the case of back pain or back pain, one can sleep like this for a few days. But sleeping in this way for a long time can affect the fertility of men and women.

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