Dear men, male menopause is for real. Know all about it here

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Jan 02, 2018
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  • Night sweats are common among men going through andropause
  • Los testosterone levels in men can cause depression
  • Fatigue in men is an inevitable consequence of hormonal imbalance

Women are not the only ones who suffer from effects of fluctuating hormones. Doctors have noticed in their patients and researchers have found in their studies that a lot of men experience symptoms similar to those of women when the latter are in their perimenopause stage.

Male menopause, which has been termed as andropause, happens due to a decrease in the male hormones. This generally takes place at mid life and men face what is known as mid-life crisis at such times. Here is a guide that will you if you are going through male menopause or not.

male menopause

Symptoms of andropause or menopause in men

Erectile dysfunction

A man going through andropause is likely to have low testosterone levels that in turn affect his ability and capability to produce erections, which could also mean that the libido will diminish gradually. In some cases, even when the sexual desire is present due to low testosterone levels, erections may not happen at all.

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Night sweats

These hot flashes occur at night (as the name suggests) and often cause men them to drench their night wear or bed sheets with sweat. Night sweats almost always interrupt sleep and leave one with a sensation of chill. This usually happens when false signals are sent to the hypothalamus due to low testosterone levels.


Another common symptom of menopause in men is depression, which is caused by low testosterone levels. Testosterone is an integral component of the body’s functions for a man and low levels of this may cause an overall sense of ill-being, known as hypogonadism.

Hair Loss

Hair is a biomarker of one’s overall bodily functions. Various factors such as minor illnesses, hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition and stress are known to contribute to hair loss. It is best to get to the root of the problem by visiting a doctor and getting treated.

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Fatigue in men is a byproduct of hormonal imbalance. It may cause one to feel tired, worn out and over worked even when he/she would not really have done much work.

Can andropause be treated?

If the testosterone levels in a male are too low, the doctor may recommend a testosterone replacement therapy to relieve the symptom of loss of interest in sex, fatigue and depression. Testosterone therapy, however, has potential risks as well as side-effects and replacing the testosterone may worsen prostate cancer.

If you or someone you know is thinking of undergoing androgen replacement therapy, it is best to speak to the doctor about the same taking all the information regarding the procedure’s side-effects and follow-ups. You may also be asked to make a few lifestyle changes depending on your current lifestyle. These may include a new diet or exercise program, medications like antidepressants, etc.

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