Do You Want Your Unborn Baby To Have a High IQ? Increasing Vitamin D Intake Can Help

Pregnant women must have vitamin D supplements to increase the levels as this would help their child to develop better cognitive abilities.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Nov 06, 2020
Do You Want Your Unborn Baby To Have a High IQ? Increasing Vitamin D Intake Can Help

We have been talking about Vitamin D and its different benefits for months now. This vitamin along with Vitamin C suddenly became heroes when we discovered their protecting side against COVID-19. Ever since so many other advantages of vitamin D intake have uncovered. A recent finding reveals that higher vitamin D intake during pregnancy is related to the intelligence quotient or IQ of the baby. This means that mothers who managed optimum vitamin D levels during the pregnancy may give birth to intelligent children. Let us read how this fact was discovered.

What is the link between prenatal vitamin D and a child’s IQ?

As per researchers, vitamin D deficiency is highly common these days. You can get vitamin D from sun exposure, diet and supplements. From either source, you must try to fulfil the daily requirement of vitamin D. Pregnant women have to have vitamin D supplements to keep up the levels as this would not only provide them with its health benefits but also positively impact the brain development of their unborn baby. The deficiency of vitamin D can largely affect the cognitive functions of the kid.

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The average daily dietary intake of vitamin D is 600 IU. Vitamin D is difficult to be compensated from the diet as there aren’t many foods that have this vitamin except eggs, fatty fish, cow milk and fortified cereals. Besides, pregnant women need to consume more than the recommended amount if they want the baby to be healthy and sharp-minded.

Melissa Melough, who is a research scientist in the Department of Child Health, Behavior, and Development at Seattle Children's Research Institute and lead author of this study says, "Higher vitamin D levels among mothers during pregnancy may promote brain development and lead to higher childhood IQ scores. I want people to know that it's a common problem and can affect children's development. Vitamin D deficiency can occur even if you eat a healthy diet. Sometimes it's related to our lifestyles, skin pigmentation or other factors outside of our control."

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Black women are at greater risk and they need to watch out for vitamin D deficiency in them. This is because they have high melanin pigment in their skin. This may help in sun protection but it also decreases vitamin D production and absorption. Thus, they are more deficient in vitamin D.

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