Learn The Art of Positive Visualization For Sound Mind and Healthy Body

If you are dealing with a roadblock in your life, try positive visualisation therapy to attract positivity and promote success. Know more here.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jul 22, 2020 14:00 IST
Learn The Art of Positive Visualization For Sound Mind and Healthy Body

Do you believe in the power of positivity? Positive thinking is said to have a larger impact on holistic health. Positive visualization is a great exercise for mental health. Think of it as a mental rehearsal that will open up your senses to focus on positives while keeping aside the negatives. This is a practice that would bring back your lost focus and concentration on track. It is much like daydreaming but with a purpose.

What is Positive Visualization?

This is a technique that helps to counter real-life situations with positive thinking. The basic idea is to visualize events positively before they actually happen. Set up your goals and visualize how you want to achieve them. This technique brings you one step closer to achieving it.

Does positive visualisation work or is it just a hype?

The ‘Psychological Bulletin’ published a study in the year 2005 according to which, positive outlook and optimism are the keys to success. As per a research that took over 275,000 people, positive visualization helped them achieve their goals. This is also applicable to parents who are managing kids during lockdown.

What are the benefits of positive visualization?

Here are some notable benefits that would help you understand the power of positive thinking.

Boosts self-confidence

When we visualize ourselves doing things that make us succeed, it boosts our confidence levels. The more confident we feel, the higher would be the success rate. Positivity boosts confidence which helps us in taking the right and wise decisions.

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Better focus and concentration

If you keep on visualising what you aim at, it makes you more focused. This is a mental exercise where the more you think positively, the more you’ll be able to concentrate on your work. This exercise increases your mental and cognitive abilities.

A source of inspiration and hope

When you feel low, positive visualisation can bring a ray of hope and inspire you to keep going. Thinking about the happy times can enlighten your vision and you’ll find yourself working on the goal rather than sobbing on the spilled milk

Different Ways To Practice Positive Visualization

Positive visualisation is not an instant thing. You need to be consistent and determined to think positive ad work in the direction to achieve your goals. This is just a trick to track your motivation and self-confidence. Here are some ways to practice positive visualisation.

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This is the ultimate technique for positive visualisation. Meditation helps in synchronizing your mind with the body and channelize the thoughts. It helps in warding off negative thoughts to induce positivity. Focus on your breathing activity to eliminate negative thoughts. You can try Zen Meditation Technique.

Guided audio programs

Many people take help of guided audio programs that are compiled by mental health experts. These also help in positive visualisation.

Vision boards

Why not get creative and make vision boards? It is so easy to make one. Just make a poster and write or draw motivational quotes and images. This helps in reminding positive behavioural changes so that you can tackle all the problems keeping aside the negatives and crossing all hurdles.

Positive visualization is a powerful practice that helps in bringing positivity and focus. It eliminates stress and strengthens cognitive powers. You must try it.

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