Here Are Some Nutritionist Tips To Break And Change These 10 Bad Eating Habits

Breakaway from the shackles of these worst bad eating habits in 2021 with Pooja Bhargava, An All - Rounder Health Coach And Holistic Nutritionist.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Feb 22, 2021Updated at: Feb 22, 2021
Here Are Some Nutritionist Tips To Break And Change These 10 Bad Eating Habits

2020 taught each one of us the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. 2021 is here, and it's time to reboot our lives. We have been mindlessly following fads and playing around with our health. Over the years, we have all developed bad eating habits, and these habits are a deterrent for us. To rebuild a healthy lifestyle, we would need to access our routines and start making small changes; another thing to remember is that health is not all about eating; it's about our other habits too. In this article, Pooja Bhargava, An All - Rounder Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, and Fitness Expert, will be addressing ten practices you can look at changing for the better:

  • Stress-eating: Do you know that cortisol increases appetite, which can cause someone to overindulge. Cravings are caused due to high cortisol levels from stress. It can increase food cravings for fatty or sugary foods. Stress is linked with enhanced hunger hormones, too, that may add to the desires for unhealthy meals. We all go through stress, and if it's not addressed, it causes long-term damage. Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., are a result of excess stress. So, it is best to acknowledge you are going through stress and to give yourself the me-time you require. Do activities that make you happy, calm you down, talk to someone about your anxiety, and vent it out. Stress is physical or emotional tension. Fear can come from any idea or experience that makes you feel angry, nervous or frustrated. The pressure is your body's reaction to a demand or challenge. Stress can be positive, in short bursts, such as when it helps you meet a deadline or avoid danger.
  • Learn to enjoy your food moments: Please remember this there is nothing so important waiting for you on the world wide web. Human beings have forgotten to live in the moment and enjoy themselves. We are either thinking about the past or talking about the future. Just sit back and enjoy that conversation or the activity that you are presently doing. One of the biggest culprits is the phone, all the time, we want to check the phone; why is it so difficult to complete your task at hand and then check your phone. Over time we have forgotten to concentrate on one activity and then move to the next. What are the easiest ways to enjoy a moment? One is to appreciate that moment for what it is and engage with that moment mindfully. How can you make this? Do it in countless little ways! Remember that each day brings more significant peace and meaning to every moment. Slow down each day to appreciate how things sound, look, smell, feel and taste.
  • Eat home-cooked meals: Today, ordering food has become easy. You can order a variety of things all under one roof. On the one hand, it may be easy, and it is also unhealthy to eat outside food all the time. The point of eating to provide your body with the nutrients it requires. It's not all about taste. So, stick to home-cooked healthy meals and fix a day you will order food from outside. The study observes that people who have home-cooked meals regularly tend to be happier and healthier and consume less processed and sugar foods, resulting in better mental health and higher energy levels. Eating home-cooked meals more than five days a week is even associated with a longer life. 
Skipping Meals
  • Skipping Meals: Many people believe if they skip meals, it will help them lose weight. It is the biggest myth. Eating 4-5 small meals is essential. You must start your day with a good nutritious breakfast and end your day with a light lunch. You must have your fruits too. What must you do? You must make sure you eat right and exercise. It causes us to burn fewer calories (less energy). It also causes the body to lower its metabolism, i.e. how much energy it needs to function. When we eat the usual amount of food, it can lead us to gain weight too. Skipping meal leaves us with little power because the body has run out of the fuel we get from food. 
  • Checking social media constantly while eating: People currently suffer from a phenomenon called FOMO (fear of missing out). We are frequently on our phone so engrossed that we forget real people surround us, and we can have real conversations. Always staring at the phone or the laptop has also ruined our posture. If you notice these days people complain of neck pain, jammed fingers, etc., that is because we get so engrossed in our phones that we forget to move. The best thing to do is to set a stipulated time you will access social media for.

  • Stop complaining about your meals: When you complain, you are attracting negativity and focusing the same. However, if there is an issue, and you look for solutions, you focus on the positive and moving forward. Change the way you think. When you find yourself speaking or creating a negative comment about someone or something, stop and force yourself to say something positive instead. Enlist a cheerful friend's help to prevent you when you complain and help you see the situation's positive.
  • Move around: Our ancestors were hale and hearty because they gave their body the required movement. They walked or cycled to work, school, etc., women did household chores on their own. They gave their body enough exercise. What we do these days is sit in one place for hours and don’t move an inch. The best thing is to do your small chores on your own. Get yourself the glass of water or take short breaks and move around in your office. 
Stop complaining about your meals
  • Stop taking over-the-counter pills: most of us have got into the habit of popping pills for every small thing. Instead, turn to your kitchen. The ingredients in your kitchen have a cure for most of the common ailments. Right from indigestion to stomach ache, and with google for our help, you will instantly know which ingredients help in what way. Work towards breaking the habit of looking for short term solutions.
  • Sleep: Sleep is one of the essential requirements of your body. You and nature have a clock, and it is necessary to follow the same. There are two aspects to sleep; one: your body requires 7 hours of sleep to rejuvenate and function at its optimum best every day, and the other element is the time you sleep. The best time to retire to bed is between 9-11 pm. 
  • Compare yourself to others: human beings have a habit of constantly comparing themselves to others. This helps you in no way; all it does is make you feel inferior and less at all times. Each of us has different capabilities and the best to keep working on what we are good at daily.
over-the-counter pills

Takeaway Tip By Fitness Expert: Change is difficult, but life is changing every second. most of us are currently moving against the tide with the lifestyle we lead. Work towards changing two habits at a time, and you will notice a sudden change in your body. You will feel lighter and happier. Breakaway from the shackles of these ten habits in 2021 and start moving with the tide.

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