Hone Eating Habits to Reverse Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases dramatically depend upon the diet intake of an individual

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: May 23, 2019 12:17 IST
Hone Eating Habits to Reverse Lifestyle Diseases

Many year ago during a self-help session that I attended, the guide conducting the program proclaimed that he had not been ill  for a single day for almost a decade, not even a common cold or headache. Extremely intriguing that someone could lead a disease free life. They also claim that it is possible to even reverse lifestyle diseases just through right eating.

Hone eating instincts

Dr Nandita Shah from Auroville who is the founder of SHARAN (Sanctuary for health and reconnection to animals and nature) has been successfully working on reversing lifestyle diseases for many years now, specially diabetes and blood pressure. “Animals in their natural habitats rarely fall sick, and if they do they know exactly what to do to heal themselves. And more importantly, such animals are never obese. We humans also have instincts like every animal on the planet, and that we instinctively know what to eat. For example if we were to walk through a farm or an orchard, we would be attracted to picking fruits and vegetables and eating them, but if a chicken walks by, we don't salivate. A dog would have the opposite reaction. We have learned to eat both human food and also the food of most other beings on the planet. We know well enough not to feed a horse, meat or a lion, grass but we are unable to feed ourselves according to our own instincts and there lies the problem,” she says.

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Right food can reverse diseases

Eating the right food is the key to reversing most lifestyle diseases. When 42 years old Meera Joshi from New Delhi was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, the doctors told her that they would give her 4-5 months to deal with her situation, before drastic measures were taken. Meera turned to Upasana Puri, a nutritionist and dietician from New Delhi who works on diets according to blood groups. A diet full of fibre, fresh vegetables and fruits along with controlled intake of protein, dairy products and a drastic reduction in salt, sugar and fat helped Meera lose 20 kgs in 5 months. Predictably her ovaries were found to be as good as new. “A balanced diet which ensures that one does not exceed the required calorie intake is a cure for most diseases,” says Upasana. 

Plant-based diet

Dr Nandita also propounds that the being on a completely plant-based diet with no animal products not only helps reverse most diseases, but also reduces the level of stress. Whenever we want to remove or cure a disease we need to look at the cause and remove that. Asthma could be allergic in origin, and the cause of many of these cases is food but it could also be the environment. High protein diets lend themselves to allergies. And dairy is mucus forming. In order to be completely healed of asthma, we need to remove every last drop of dairy and dairy products from our diet, and reduce or cutout all animal proteins from the diet. In most cases this will result in a cure of asthma.

Nutritionists also claim that most lifestyle diseases, including diabetes and hypertension can be prevented and even reversed. And since the cause is never lack of medications, taking medications rarely reverses diseases. Our body is constantly healing itself and all we have to understand is what the cause of diseases is, and how to remove it. And since the cause is never lack of medications, taking medications rarely reverses diseases.

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Today many enlightened people are eating to prevent and reverse diseases. From Bill Clinton to Bill Gates, Pamela Anderson to Amala Akkineni, everyone is doing it. And they are reaping the fruits as well.  But, what about taste? Unbelievably, eating according to our instincts is the most pleasurable way of eating. And if you do it right, there’s absolutely no reason to fall sick ever.

Some tips to a healthy life:

  • Keep away from all animal products including dairy
  • Increase fresh, fruits and vegetables in higher quantities
  • Avoid packaged and processed foods
  • Eat organic as far as possible and avoid highly sprayed fruits and veggies like strawberries and grapes if not organic
  • Make sure vitamin B12 and vitamin D levels are in a healthy range

About the author: Sangeeta Jain, Head of Public Relations & Communications, Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Pvt Ltd

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