8 Natural Remedies You Can Follow To Get Relief From Clogged Ears

Clogged ears can happen because of various problems resulting in excessive wax in the ears. 8 natural remedies you can follow to cure your ears.

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8 Natural Remedies You Can Follow To Get Relief From Clogged Ears

Many a times you must have noticed that your ears become clogged. Because of this you may have itching in ears and imbalance in hearing. This happens because our ears become clogged after a certain period of time if we do not take care of them properly. Clogged ears can cause hearing aid as well as affect balancing issues if left untreated. Most of the ear problems occur because of ear accumulation of ear wax but it can grow to be an infection. Therefore we need to look at some natural remedies to help keep our ears clean and healthy.

When Do Ears Become Clogged?

According to Dr. Sumeet Nigam, General Physician from Sahara Hospital, Lucknow, ears become clogged because of various factors. It can be because of some condition affecting internal functioning of the ear or because of external factors. Clogged ears are caused by simple factors such as cold or sinus infection and it also be a bacterial infection which can have a long term affect. Most likely ears tend to become clogged because of these reasons-

  1. Sinus infection
  2. Cold and allergies
  3. Earwax build-up
  4. High altitudes 
  5. Blockage in Eustachian tube


Natural Remedies to Treat Clogged Ears

1. Ear Drops

Ear drops are first line of treatment for ear problems. Whenever a person feels blockage in ears, he tends to put ear drops to treat the problem. Ear drops can be used as a natural remedy for ear wax and related issues. Ear drops can also be in the form of some oils such as mineral oil or baby oil. Else you can put hydrogen peroxide or glycerine as an eardrop. This can aid in removing excessive ear-wax build up from the ears.


2. Ear irrigation

This is another way to treat clogged ears. Ear irrigation means to dig out ear wax and other substances stuck in the ear. However one must be careful that if he/she has gone through any ear surgery before or treatment related to ears should avoid this remedy. This is because that person may have sensitive ears. Ear irrigation needs to be done by oils with help of a syringe to take out excessive wax from the ears. There are few things that need to be taken care off before or after ear irrigation. 

3. Avoid cotton swabs or tools

Everyone should avoid using cotton ear buds that are available in the market to clean their ears. This is because that cotton buds or any tools used for that matter can harm the ears and push the ear wax even deeper inside. Pushing the wax deeper can cause damage to the ears and result to permanent ear damage or ear problems. 


4. Avoid candling

Candling is another method known for clearing the ears. However this is not a very safe method to pull out the ear wax. In candling, people insert a lighted, cone shaped, hollow candle inside the ears, the heat produced by the candle takes the wax out of the ears. But this method can seriously injure ears in the process and burn their ear in some instances.

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5. Consider Essential Oils

There are many natural oils that are antiseptic and antibiotic in nature that can treat your clogged ear effectively. Many essential oils also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help the ear wax to come out. Essential oils also allow some earwax to stay in the ears which is important to keep the ears healthy. Essential oils can help to clear the mucus and reduce inflammation caused in the ears. You can try these essential oils in the ear as ear drops or at the surface of it to reduce problem of clogged ears.

  • Tea tree oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • It can also be inhaled to give relief to other problems in the body and ears. 


6. Use Steam to unclog your ears

Whenever we have cold or cough, we tend to take steam to get relief. It clears out the mucus from inside our bodies and helps to treat the problem. Similarly ear wax present in excessive quantity that clogs the ears can also be treated using steam method. You need to take steam in similar manner and shower with hot water after that to get proper significant relief. 

For this method, you can-

  • Heat up water in the pot until it boils up
  • Remove it from heating once it boils and put a towel over it
  • Now get inside that towel above the pot and take deep breaths
  • Try to inhale the steam from your mouth and exhale from nose.

7. Use a Warm Compress

Warm compress does not act on the ears directly. It is a method to pull out mucus from the passage to clear nasal and ear blockage. This mostly happens in the case of cold or sinus. Applying warm compress can be done by the following steps-

  • First pour hot water in a clean pot
  • Then soak a clean cloth inside the pot or use towel for the same
  • Squeeze out excess water from the cloth
  • Put in on your ear that feels clogged for 10 minutes or till the time you feel the heat has become low.
  • Do this for 4-5 times to get relief from mucus
  • Clean your ears with a dry cloth after this.

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8. Gargle with salt water

Salt water is a natural remedy for many problem related to mucus accumulation in ears or nose. Gargle with salt water to clear the passage and remove clogged mucus from the ears. It can also prevent various infections from occurring. Gargle with salt water by mixing half spoon of salt in one glass of water. Water should be kept warm to soothe the throat. Gargle 15-20 times and spit the water out to feel relief in ears.

Disclaimer- Only medical inputs have been taken from General Physician Doctor Sumeet Nigam. *

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