6 Natural Remedies To Help Control Seizures Of Epilepsy Disease

Seizure attacks can cause panic and severe injuries. Read to know about natural remedies that can control seizure attacks of epilepsy. 

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Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Sep 19, 2021 09:00 IST
6 Natural Remedies To Help Control Seizures Of Epilepsy Disease

Any disease or disorder that affects children and older adults can be very serious. This is because both children and older adults have lower immunity and are at higher risk of falling for severities. Epilepsy is a disease that affects the nervous system and electrical activity of nervous system. It causes seizures among people which can be either mild or severe. A number of people in our country suffer from this disease and it remains unknown for the most part because they are not aware of it properly. This disease can be treated by a variety of treatment options. Today we will look at some natural treatments that can aid in treating mild epilepsy disease.

Is Epilepsy A Serious Disease?

Yes, epilepsy is a quite serious problem of seizures that are caused because of disrupting frequencies in the nervous system. It can cause complex conditions such as brain damage if treatment is not offered at the correct movement. There are many therapies and treatments available to cure this disease but each method should be analysed according to severity of epilepsy disease. Natural treatment or methods can be useful only to a certain stage or they can accompany the medical treatment if found effective. Providing the patient correct treatment option and in adequate amount it crucial.  


6 Natural Remedies Available to Cure Epilepsy 

Most of these remedies can be given alone in case of mild symptoms and with antiepileptic drugs in case of severe symptoms. 

1. Dietary Supplements

It was one of the earliest remedy to treat this disease. Seizures of epilepsy can be reduced with help of some dietary changes and adding supplements. Children and older adults should be given more ketogenic diet to reduce seizures. It is high in good fats and low carbohydrates that calm the body and prevent seizures. Also Atkins diet is a high protein diet that can aid in reducing the symptoms. This is also recommended with AEDs for more efficiency.

2. Herbal treatment

This disease is quite different in its approach. To regulate the electronic signals and to avoid seizures, traditional herbs such as chamomile, passionflower and valerian can be used. It can show significant improvement in the patient and does not have any side effects as well. These traditional herbs are also recommended by few experts in addition of AED’s for better recovery.


3. Vitamins

Low level of Vitamin B6 is a major cause of repetitive seizures. This can be controlled by fulfilling the need of vitamin B6 in the body that trigger seizures. Other vitamins that can aid in controlling seizures of epilepsy are vitamin E and Magnesium. It is advised to take some supplements in case of epilepsy disease because the amount of nutrients required for curing is not fulfilled by natural diet.

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4. Relaxation

Stress and anxiety both are triggers of seizures. A person who is suffering from this disease should try to avoid pressure situations and intense work places. Taking rest is the best method to eradicate stress and anxiety among people. It can calm the person, relax muscles and cool down your nerves. All these actions taken together can help in reducing symptoms of epilepsy and seizure occurrence. 

You can also try these methods to relax your body and mind-

  • Aromatherapy
  • Meditation 
  • Yoga 
  • Massage by essential oils like lavender and chamomile

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5. Biofeedback

 This is an extensive training programme that helps to detect the symptoms of seizures before they occur. This is very helpful and important technique that can help the person with Epilepsy to ensure that he/she is at a safe place before the seizure occurs. Biofeedback is most used a technique to teach people on whom the antiepileptic drugs do not work (AEDs). In this method, your brain is trained to detect the symptoms of seizures well before a full blown attack. 


6. Medical marijuana

This marijuana is only meant for medical purposes and is banned in rest of the country. It is a natural treatment that can give significant improvement in conditions of patients suffering from epilepsy. Medical marijuana needs to be given in limited amount just to avoid seizures and not for abuse. Especially children suffering from severe seizures need to given it in very limited quantity.

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