Planning to Get Teeth Aligners? Do Not Fall For These Myths, Read Facts

Teeth aligners have replaced the traditional braces because of their amazing fit and clear look. Read some myths and facts of aligners.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Apr 14, 2021 17:31 IST
Planning to Get Teeth Aligners? Do Not Fall For These Myths, Read Facts

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The adage ‘Smiles take you miles’ is indeed true. A confident, beaming smile is proven to increase one’s prospects at employment, help forge fruitful relationships while equipping its proud owner with a more amiable personality. But not everyone is naturally gifted with a perfectly aligned set of teeth, and many need man-made interventions to get there. Consequently, millions of people undergo orthodontic treatment to ‘correct’ their crooked, overlapping, crowded, and gapped teeth. Dr. Arpi Mehta, Co-founder & CEO, toothsi is breaking some myths and facts on teeth alignment.

Braces Vs. Aligners

Two of the most popular orthodontic treatment devices are braces and aligners. Braces make use of metallic wires to create interconnected brackets that are fitted to teeth to facilitate their movement. A more traditional and older form of treatment, braces have emerged as the standard of orthodontic care when it comes to teeth straightening procedures. In adjusting to modern aesthetics, braces today come in various materials including metallic gold, stainless steel, and tooth-coloured ceramic, among others.

Braces Vs. Aligners

On the other hand are aligners that comprise the modern dental appendage. They consist of a snug-fitting, custom-made framework that can be superimposed over the teeth. They work by applying gentle pressure to the teeth to reposition them slowly along the desired alignment. The popularity of this alternative rests on the existence of ‘clear aligners’ that are essentially nearly transparent replicas of a customer’s dental structure, making them a far less conspicuous presence than metallic braces.

Guide to Tooth Alignment

Individuals more conscious of their appearance, especially young adults and adult professionals, can opt for clear aligners instead of deciding to forego orthodontic treatment altogether. Led by tech advancements and scientific progress, new-age smile makeover service providers are offering transparent, flexible, tasteless, stainless, and stylish aligners that users can wear not only as a more subtle alternative to traditional braces but also as an extension of their personality.

Guide to Tooth Alignment

A common myth prevalent in India is that braces are better suited for straightening teeth than aligners. However, this remains unproven. The truth is, whether one chooses to opt for braces or aligners rests entirely on the user’s dental requirements and preferences. Here are some other common myths about teeth aligners ripe for busting.

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Myth 1: Braces work faster than aligners

Fact: It is the complexity of an individual’s orthodontic case that determines the duration of the treatment, be it using braces or aligners. That said, advancements in scientific and dental technology have hastened the procedural delays in aligners-based treatment, and in some instances, made it equally fast as treatment through braces. Aligners-based treatment, under the supervision of a skilled orthodontist, typically takes 6 to 9 months to yield successful results. Moreover, since a clear aligner adjustment process can be carried out at home, it means fewer trips to the dentist. Thus, aligners comprise a convenient and time-efficient option for the beneficiaries of the new-age smile correction services.

Myth 2: Aligners are only for easy, uncomplicated cases

Fact: While aligners may not be optimal to correct complex issues such as severe underbites or overbites and excessive crowding, their capabilities are broader than merely what could be considered “easy”. They have been proven efficient in completing even reasonably difficult teeth-alignment cases, working well on average for the patrons.

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Myth 3: Aligners tend to cause a foul smell and are unsafe for eating/drinking

Aligners tend to cause a foul smell

Fact: Being easily removable, aligners are perfect for users who do not want to sacrifice consuming their favorite food and beverages. They may begin to develop smell when they’re not removed when a person is eating food or drinks anything other than water. However, modern smile makeover services are manufacturing clear aligners using the latest technology and cutting-edge materials to make them stainless, smell-resistant, and BPA-free. On-the-go aligner cleaners are also available today that do not require the appendage to be soaked overnight or in a separate bath/glass and can be used instantaneously.

Myth 4: Aligners are extremely uncomfortable to fit in and wear

Fact: On the contrary, modern aligners are not only made with flexible materials but are also customized to fit snugly onto one’s teeth, making them significantly more comfortable, convenient, pain-free, and irritation-free alternative to metal braces. While a user may need a couple of days to get used to the feel of the appendage in their mouth, the process becomes much smoother after the initial adjustment period. Moreover, unlike braces, aligners are much easier to remove, enabling the user to conveniently clean, brush, and floss their teeth.

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Myth 5: Teeth realignment is only about superficial physical appearance

Teeth realignment

Fact: To say that wanting to straighten one’s crooked or misaligned set of teeth is a superficial or vain enterprise is not only grossly reductive but also rooted in the stereotypical ideology that favors the status quo as opposed to progressive transformations. Today, new generations are more willing to access personality-enhancing and well-being-oriented services than their predecessors. These include therapy and posture correction, among others, and the smile makeover service is no exception. Millennials and genzennials, by virtue of being more socially aware and dedicated to progressive values, actively analyze the thoughts and beliefs passed on to them by their predecessors while rejecting obsolete and often regressive ideas that inhibit people from pursuing a healthy lifestyle. They realize that beyond improving physical appearances, adjusting the alignment is a protective procedure as well, which can help protect the long-term health of their teeth, gums, and overall oral hygiene. Straightened teeth not only have a better bite but are also easier to clean, which reduces the chances of a person developing dental cavities. Teeth alignment also allows for better teeth and jaw functions.

Almost all of us covet a great smile and would love to have that properly even set of teeth. Indeed, with a good set of teeth-aligners, this dream has become one step closer to reality.

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