What Are the Symptoms of Tooth Infection Spreading to Your Body?

A tooth infection can spread to your body in surprising ways. Know how to find if the infection has aggravated.

Gandharv Gulati
Written by: Gandharv GulatiUpdated at: Jul 12, 2020 09:00 IST
What Are the Symptoms of Tooth Infection Spreading to Your Body?

Most you the people, in the first place, won’t come to terms that a tooth infection can spread to the body. If you are one of those, this article is worth a read. Tooth or gum problems are common and almost all of us suffer from them at least once in our lives. A majority of the people do not take oral problems seriously and that is when they get to taste its seriousness. Oral health is as important as keeping other body parts healthy. A tooth infection is referred to as a condition where bacteria or pus builds up inside the gum or tooth. It needs timely medical aid or else it can spread to the body and cause fatal complications. Yes, fatal problems. Now that you have understood the problem, let us tell you the symptoms when a tooth infection spread to the body.

Problems caused due to tooth infection

Tooth infections occur when bacteria enters below the gumline and gets collected in the form of pus. You may feel pain or sensitivity because of that. Our mouth is a canal through which food enters the body. Imagine the pus or bacteria going inside along with the food, it would spread to the entire body. If a tooth infection is not treated on time, it may cause serious problems like:


  • Osteomyelitis: infection in the bones of the tooth
  • Cavernous sinus thrombosis: infection in the blood vessels
  • Parapharyngeal abscess: infection in the back of your mouth.
  • Sepsis: blood infection
  • Cellulitis: a type of skin infection

In the absence of treatment for a longer time, tooth infections may spread to the face and neck causing damage to the cells and tissues.

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Signs and symptoms that tooth infection is spread to the body

Though it is a rare condition where tooth infection affects the other body parts but it can happen in some cases and cause life-threatening health consequences. If you experience the below-mentioned symptoms along with toothache, it indicates that the tooth infection has spread to the body:

oral health

  • Swelling in the cheeks, face and neck
  • Acute pain in tongue and mouth
  • Itchy and burning skin
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Chronic headache
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Vision problems
  • Mental confusion
  • Respiratory issues

Treatment for Tooth Infection

Tooth infection is treatable and one must get it treated before it spreads to the body. Depending upon the severity of the case, a dentist may suggest the following treatment options:

  • Root canal treatment or RCT: RCT is conducted to treat deep cavities and tooth damage including infection. This helps in discarding the pus and protect the tooth from further damage by doing capping.
  • Apicoectomy: This is like a tooth surgery which is a level up of the RCT. It is done only in extreme cases of infection.
  • Antibiotics: In the initial stage, the infection can be easily treated with antibiotic medications. It helps in killing the infection-causing bacteria and prevent it from spreading.


Here are some tips to minimize the risk of tooth infection:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a medicated toothpaste.
  • Don’t drink or eat anything right after brushing.
  • Use mouth rinses to keep your mouth clean on the go.
  • If you have poor dental health, avoid sugary foods and carbonated drinks.
  • Visit a dentist at regular intervals.

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