5 Ways To Drink More Water To Prevent Dehydration. Watch Video To Know Signs That You Are Thirsty

Did you know if you are body is dehydrated, it shows various signs and symptoms to know that the body needs water?

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Jul 10, 2020 15:39 IST
5 Ways To Drink More Water To Prevent Dehydration. Watch Video To Know Signs That You Are Thirsty

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This is the season when the body requires the water the most. Lack of water content, especially during summer and monsoon, can make you extremely weak. Prolonged dehydration spells can make your health go worse in no time as our body lives on 70 per cent water, and simple plain water can help us stay healthy in many ways. Why we always stress the need for water is for various reasons. Water is essential for many essential functions of the body. It helps in balancing the electrolytes in the body, helps keep blood pressure in control, lubricates the joints, and keeps the body temperature in control. But we often give the best drink a miss, thinking that we can have a glass of water later just because who will get up to have one glass of water. But did you know dehydration can be your worst enemy? Watch this video below to understand the symptoms of dehydration:

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Hence, if you are one of those who always need a reminder to gulp down a glass of water, then these 5 tips can make it easier for you to remember to have water now and then.

Set Daily Goals


If you forget to have water, give yourself a little alarm by setting daily goals of the desired number of glasses required for a healthy body. These alarms can be set in any smartphone, with an inbuilt health app, or there are several free apps available to download, which can help you track your water goal for the day. One must try to set a target to have a minimum of 10-15 glasses of water every day. The best way to have water is by pouring it in a glass. Having it directly from the bottle can lead to air bubbles forming, leading to bloating those who have weaker stomach health.

Always Keep Water Closer To You


It would help if you always kept a bottle with you, especially during the summer and monsoon season when the surroundings are sticky. For those who are now mostly sitting in front of the laptops, and hardly get time to get up from their seats due to back to back meetings, it is best always to keep a bottle on your table. That bottle will remind you to drink water if kept in front of your eyes. Also, set a target to fill your bottle at least thrice in a day to know the exact water intake in a day for you.

Understand The Body Needs

You need to understand your body as to how much water your body needs in a day. Most health experts say that must have a minimum of 2 litres in a day. Excess of water can also be harmful and lead to extra body weight, bloating, etc. Those who have underlying health conditions like urinary tract infections or kidney stones require more amount of water and other fluids like the cranberry juice for better health. Know when is the best time to have water in this VIDEO: 

Drink Water Instead of Other Fluids

Many times people take soft drinks, soda and sports drinks instead of water, but all these drinks are filled with extra sugar, and may never be able to replace the benefits of water. You should consume water instead of all these things as the real thirst can only be quenched with water. Also, the body craves more sugar, which is a significant sign of dehydration in the body. Hence, keep your other fluids and water separate when it comes to thirst. Only water can help you stay safe from dehydration.


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Drink One Glass Every Hour

If you work for 8 hours, then by drinking one glass of water every hour, you will consume eight glasses of water at that time. This will enable you to fulfil your water needs without actually stressing on it much. Also, putting this habit in practice is excellent as it unlikely that you may ever have health concerns due to dehydration.

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