Are You Unable To Smile Freely Due To Tooth Plaque? Know Causes And Home Remedies

Plaque is an additional layer that is present on some individual's teeth. Here are the causes and treatments to remove at home.

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Home RemediesWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Oct 19, 2020Updated at: Oct 19, 2020
Are You Unable To Smile Freely Due To Tooth Plaque? Know Causes And Home Remedies

Dental hygiene is something that should not be ignored. Many people think that brushing your teeth is the key for dental hygiene. However, dental care is much more than that. Every part of your mouth is very delicate and needs to be handled gently. Sometimes, if you notice properly, there is a certain additional layer on our teeth that appears suddenly. It is mostly colourless or yellow in colour and is known as plaque. It is a very common problem but should not be left untreated. Even if you take safety measures at home, it is important to visit your dentist for dental check-up. Plaque can develop on your teeth and above and below your gums too. In fact, the thin layer is sometimes not even visible if you look into the mirror. Hence, read on to know what causes plaque on your teeth and how you can remove it by simply using some home remedies.


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Plaque teeth causes

The most common reason why plaque develops is due to the leftover food in your teeth. It becomes the survival for bacteria present in your mouth. Your mouth contains a lot of bacteria that gets gathered on the base of your teeth. However, you are in a fuss if the bacteria mixes with sugar and produces acids that a problem develops. The dangerous part comes when the plaque on your teeth merges with the saliva and becomes hard. It is called tartar and has a tendency of increasing rapidly inside your mouth. They are much more dangerous than plaque and can't be removed by brushing or flossing. In such case, you have to avoid sweet food items, as carbohydrates produce a lot of bacteria. Protect your teeth from resulting in mouth cavities.

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Ways to remove dental plaque

Plaque development is not a minor issue and can lead to serious infections and gum disease. To start with, one must know that basic care starts from home. Certain ingredients can help keep your teeth free of plague. To save your mouth and prevent tooth decay, check out these ways to remove dental plaque.

1. Baking soda

Many people don't know this but baking soda is good for cleaning you teeth, resulting in dental plaque removal too. In fact, you can also but toothpaste that contains baking soda.

2. Brush your teeth twice a day

It is necessary to brush your teeth twice a day, if you want to protect it from bacteria. Moreover, you should also try and brush after every meal or snacking so that it gets cleaned immediately. You can use mouthwash that helps in preventing the building up of bacteria.

3. Floss everyday

Many people just brush their teeth and don't go for flossing. This is important for dental hygiene and is a beneficial way to prevent plaque on your teeth.


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4. See your dentist

Despite these remedies, you should see your dentist atleast every 6 months to get your mouth cleaned. A professional care for your teeth can avoid a lot of dental problems.

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