Mushroom Coffee: Benefits, Side Effects And Usage

Here are some health benefits and side effects of drinking mushroom coffee.

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Mushroom Coffee: Benefits, Side Effects And Usage

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If an image of a brown drink with tiny mushrooms floating on top is what comes to your mind when you think about mushroom coffee then you need to calm down because it's nothing like that. The chinese medicinal coffee, packed with health benefits looks like your regular instant coffee and tastes like it too. It’s one of the world’s most consumed beverages with a healthy twist. The combination might sound pretty weird but once you get to know its health benefits you might also like to give it a try. Here are some health benefits and side effects of drinking mushroom coffee.

As told by Nutritionist and Public Health Expert Swati Bathwal, “Reishi mushrooms are good for mental health and relaxation and cordyceps for athletes for performance. It is an area of interest for many athletes since 2013. Another form of mushroom, that is the lion mane, is good for brain health and chaga for overall wellbeing."


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What is mushroom coffee?

Whether you are fond of coffee or not, you should surely give mushroom coffee a try. Just like your regular coffee mushroom coffee is  nothing fancy but your regular coffee mixed with powdered mushrooms. It is not prepared by just adding in any random kind of mushrooms and mixing it with your coffee but is prepared by the drying and extracting process of special medicinal mushrooms like- 

  • Cordyceps
  • Chaga 
  • Lion’s mane and 
  • Reishi.

These extracts are then blended with your regular coffee in a 1:1 ratio.

Health Benefits of drinking Mushroom Coffee

Although mushroom coffee comes with many benefits as it consists of the extracts from medicinal mushrooms. Here we have listed some health benefits of drinking mushroom coffee.

1# Reduces caffeine Intake

Caffeine consumption can actually be harmful for your body and can have negative effects on pregnant women and people with underlying heart issues. Drinking mushroom coffee can be much healthier than your regular cup of coffee. As the ratio of coffee and mushroom extract in it is 1:1, it cuts down your caffeine consumption to half by saving you from all these side effects to an extent.

2# Boosts Brain Health

With its neurotrophic growth factor mushroom coffee promotes the growth of neurons and improves the neurotransmitter functioning of the brain. This increase in neurotransmitters also helps in preventing Alzheimer disease which is responsible for memory loss.

3# Helps Fight Stress

Herbs used in mushroom coffee helps in eliminating stress by reinforcing the adrenal glands and the Adaptogenic supplements in it helps you to relieve stress, improve mood and get better sleep.

4# Slows Down Aging

Mushroom coffee prevents cellular damage in your body due to the high concentration of antioxidants in it which also safeguards you from various diseases like heart diseases and cancer. It also helps to fight issues like nausea and vomiting.


Side effects of drinking Mushroom Coffee

A trending beverage made up of medicinal mushrooms and packed with so many health benefits can have some downsides as well. Mushroom coffee would not be a good alternative for people who suffer from any kind of kidney issues as mushrooms are high in oxalates and they have the potential to increase your kidney stones. These coffee can sometimes also be responsible for certain digestive issues.

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However, Nutritionist Swati Bathwal has cautioned over the fact that one must know from where the mushrooms are sourced. One must be aware of the type of mushrooms and the quality and its nutritional benefits before making a choice. As even the coin has two sides and their and pros and cons of everything, mushroom coffee is no exception. Although it can be found beneficial for some and can have some negative effect on others, we would suggest that before trying anything new you should always consult your dietitian or nutritionist, as these experts could help you understand your body better and can guide you on what would suit you the best.

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