Modern-day Date Night Ideas To Nurture and Strengthen Your Bond

If you are too busy and exhausted to plan a date outdoors, here are some offbeat modern-day date night at home ideas for you

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jan 20, 2020 14:55 IST
Modern-day Date Night Ideas To Nurture and Strengthen Your Bond

When was the last time you and your partner spent a good time? Exclude lunches, brunches, dinners or parties. When was the last time you people had a peaceful chat under the moonlight?

For a relationship to thrive, spending time with each other is a crucial thing. Only strong bonds survive the heat. The dating period is the time that you can know every teeny-tiny thing about each other and establish understanding. As time passes by, we spend less with our partner and more with others be it family, friends or colleagues. Sadly, due to our running lives, we neglect the importance of spending some quality time with our beau. This leads to rifts, arguments and fights, though it totally depends on your bond. But everyone needs love and care from their partner from time to time.

The date is not just about dining out in a fancy restaurant or party in a disc, it is all about being with just each other for some time. Without splurging money on the expensive dinner dates, you can plan a date at home to rekindle the lost spark in your comfort space. If you and your partner are too busy in your work life to plan a date, here are some modern-day date ideas for you to spend some quality time without burning a hole in your pocket.

Kitchen Date


When was the last time you two cooked together? Cooking brings two hearts closer. Give your cook a break and try 'couple cooking' therapy. Decide on the menu that you both relish and start cooking! You would love this time and trust us, this would rejuvenate your relationship that was getting affected by your otherwise busy lives. The outcome would be a tasty dish and smiles on your faces.

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Netflix Night


The joy of being idle and doing nothing is inexplicable. Follow the Italian theory 'dolce far niente' which translates to 'sweet idleness' or 'the sweetness of doing nothing'. Sometimes lazying around can prove to be the best times. Since most of us are more interested in Netflix and web series, why not you both enjoy a night of binging on your favorite shows! There cannot be anything more romantic than cuddling up in each other’s arms and reviving the old-school love.

Spa Night


This would certainly be an offbeat experience for both of you. This date night is not just for your relationship but also your mind and body. Relaxation therapy is all you need after a tiring day and doing it with your partner makes it more worthy. Plan a spa or pampering session at home where you both do it for each other. Just turn on some soothing music and pamper each other for the perfect relaxing date night.

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Reminiscing Memories


A night of nostalgia is all you need to bring back your lost love and romance. Memories are not momentary but they can anytime help you in bringing back those times as you dive into the pool of memories with your partner. Just grab a glass of wine and some snacks. Now take out your old photo albums that contain the glimpses of precious times that you spent together. Relive each moment and it would certainly rekindle the love between you two.

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