Millennials, Stay Alert From The Bizarre ‘Fireworking’ Dating Trend

Fireworking is the latest dating trend that is spreading like a wildfire these days where people just fake their love in front of the world.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Dec 03, 2019Updated at: Dec 03, 2019
Millennials, Stay Alert From The Bizarre ‘Fireworking’ Dating Trend

Gone are the days when dating was a serious affair where two people meet, connect and fall in love. The love, feelings and emotions were real. A lot of couples ended up getting married after a blissful dating period while some suffered heartbreaks. But these things aren’t for millennials, it seems. This generation believes more in casual dating than a serious love relationship. Instead of resolving the problems, they prefer running away breaking all chords. Dating has now just become a normal thing. There come dating trends that people follow just to sync with the flow.

Currently, there is this trend named ‘fireworking’ which is spreading like a wildfire. This is the extreme level of casual dating where a person dates someone just for showoff. There are basically two reasons behind fireworking: making your ex envious of your current partner and telling the world that you do have a love life. Either the case, the person isn’t really in love and just playing with the emotions of the partner. The chances are high that the other partner is victimized into the act where he/she is unaware of the real intentions of the ‘fireworker’. Here are five signs to identify that you are being fireworked!

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1. You are asked to look perfect all the time

You’ll feel like eye candy to yourself! The sole aim of fireworkers is to show off their partner and for that they’ll ask them to look perfect always. For example, he’ll scold you for not wearing matching footwear with the dress!

2. Manipulation is a frequent thing

Most of the cases of fireworking are seen to make the ex-partner jealous. This could also be a rebound relationship where the person has different personalities in public and in private. Notice if your partner indulges in PDA but hardly cares when you both are alone. They’d manipulate you to reciprocate in public.

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3. No question or comments about Ex or past relationship

While a genuine person is open and vocal about his/her past, a fireworker would avoid discussions about his/her ex. When you raise the topic of the ex, their mood suddenly changes but they skip the conversation. But whenever his/her ex is around, say, in a party, they try to get close to you as much possible. This is a sign of fireworking.

4. Excessive updates on social media

While it is alright to share cute couple pictures on social platforms, the excessive display might not be what it looks like. People do this just to show the world which is no love but fireworking.

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5. Huge difference in behavior

If you notice a massive change in your partner’s affection in front of friends and in private, you need to be careful. This happens when people fake their love and affection in front of the world.

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