If Your Girlfriend Feels Jealous Of Your 'Girl'Friends, Try These Tips

Problems are there in every relationship but one should resolve them. If your girlfriend feels jealous seeing you with other girls, you must follow these tips to win back her love and trust.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Aug 09, 2019 14:41 IST
If Your Girlfriend Feels Jealous Of Your 'Girl'Friends, Try These Tips

Where there is love, there is jealousy. It is very normal for a partner to feel jealous when the other partner gives time and attention to his/her friends. Most of the girls envy their boyfriend’s female friends. When a guy spends more time with his friends, it doesn’t go down well with his girlfriend which leads to rifts, conflicts and fights. If your girlfriend too feels the same, it is your responsibility to clear her doubts or else it will plague your relationship. Here we have helpful tips for boys to make their lady feel special.

1. Give her the attention that she wants

The main problem here is the lack of time and attention. The feeling of jealousy arises when you both don’t get enough time together. She needs your love and attention, give her that. Take a break from your friends (especially, girl friends) and focus on nurturing your relationship. Get social but don't cut down on time for your love.

2. Strike a friendly conversation

Don’t argue or question her, instead, talk to her patiently and ask her about her insecurities. Girlfriend-boyfriend should be friends first. Make her feel comfortable and then discuss the problems that she is encountering.

3. Prove your loyalty to her

Doubt is a small word but it is so powerful that it can ruin everything. Don’t let a stupid doubt destroy the foundation of your love. If you are loyal, prove your loyalty to her in a way that she doesn’t get a doubt again. During this sensitive time, watch out your steps and do not commit any mistake which may impact negatively.

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4. Pamper her with gifts

Girls love it when their boy pamper them. Give her something that she might like or want to get. She will expect you to know and fulfill all her wishes. Buy her flowers, chocolates, accessories or something which she loves.

5. Spend some quality time together frequently

Going out and spending some good time with each other is the key to a healthy relationship. You may go for a romantic dinner or a walk around the beach or watch a movie, anything you both like. More than anything else, the time you spend with each other is important. Do this frequently to flourish your relationship.

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6. Never talk about the past

Keep bitter memories of past at bay and never let them get a place in your present especially when the past is disturbing. This might trigger upsetting memories which would affect your happy space. Tension in love life is normal but never bring any topic from the past to worsen the situation.

7. Discuss your future

If you are in a serious relationship, talk about your future. Sometimes jealousy arises due to insecurity. Assure her that you are loyal to her and want to really spend your life with her. This would definitely better the situation. You have to deal with her and her insecurities if you really wish to save your relationship.

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