Mobile Addiction: 4 Easy Tips To Get Rid Of It

Try to keep only important apps (which is needed) on mobile.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jan 03, 2020Updated at: Jan 03, 2020
Mobile Addiction: 4 Easy Tips To Get Rid Of It

In today's era, have you seen anyone without a mobile or smartphone? I guess, No. The cellphone has become a basic necessity (used for convenience). But if you use it excessively, then it also damages your health. Research at the Simón Bolívar University has revealed that people who spend more than five hours on the phone increase your risk of getting fat several times. Not only this, due to the lazy lifestyle and improper eating habit, they also increase the chances of heart disease. Do you want to avoid all these problems? Then you must first reduce the addiction to mobile! Today, with the help of this article we are telling you about some easy methods, which can overcome the mobile addiction:

Assess yourself

The first step to overcome any addiction is to assess yourself. If you want to distance yourself from the addiction to mobile, then you should make a diary. In it, note the time spent on mobile every day. This will let you know (at the end of the day) how much time you are giving to the phone in a day.

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Note: If this time is four to five hours or more, then this is your alarm bell. This means that now you need to be alert and the time has come to distance yourself from mobile.



If you want to reduce your time spent on mobile, then you should keep the notifications off during work. When the notification comes on the mobile, you immediately start checking it. Moreover, it is not just limited to notifications, you start to open several other apps, check other social media account or plays games on mobile. In this case, a lot of his time is spent, hence, you should stop the notification or turn off its sound. If you want to play? Then set a time for it and play with family instead of playing games on mobile. This will also strengthen your mutual bonding.

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Keep important things

Many people have a habit of downloading and keeping many types of games and apps on mobile. They feel that this will help them, while it increases mobile addiction within you. When there are different types of games and apps on your mobile, then your brain subconsciously indicates to open them. Many people hold their important work and start playing games or watching videos. In this way, after some time, they become mobile addicts.


Mobile free time

If you do not want to allow the mobile to turn into addiction (from your needs), then make a habit of living without mobile for some time. Fix two to three hours per day, and name it as "mo mobile zone". Try to turn off your mobile at that time (or you will not touch it). Also, it would be better to silence it before going to sleep (at night). In this way, you will be able to keep yourself away from your mobile.

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