#MondayMotivation: How Parenting Is A Two Way Job, Says Sucheta

The face of Zumba in India explains how women are not the only ones involved in parenting

Sucheta Pal
Written by: Sucheta PalUpdated at: Nov 18, 2019 09:55 IST
#MondayMotivation: How Parenting Is A Two Way Job, Says Sucheta

Parenting gives you a lot to think and learn. In earlier times, parenting was only perceived as a job for the ladies. However, now it is a joint effort to be there equally for the child. But, it is a known fact that every parent handles their child differently. Each person knows how and what to do when it comes to raising their child. The most important here is to have harmony between you and the partner for a peaceful relationship. The arrival of a baby does change a lot of things between the couple. The best here is to talk it out and know how parenting is not just for the mother but for both the people involved.

To start with, below are some essential parenting tips that one should know for a successful relationship:

Keep a check on your emotions

parenting and emotions

Do you remember the times when you were struggling to meet ends and time meet and even skipped meals to be at work? The most that would have happened here is that you would have cribbed so much by the lunch that nothing would have made you survived throughout the day. These are the times when you realise that your life was way much better than this earlier. The total opposite is when you get that 'me' time for yourself in the morning. When you know that your partner is going through difficult times and their life is not going the same way as it was earlier, take a step ahead and support your partner emotionally. Take an equal interest in the baby's upbringing.

Accept the present

As bringing a child in this world has been a decision made by you, be ready to accept changes that are bound to take place in your life. With a child coming into your life, be prepared to make some new changes in your life. It is a two-way job when both the mother and the father have to know when and how to react. If anyone defaults, help your partner to calm down as nothing can go well in tense situations. Support your partner in accepting and living life with imperfections of life.

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Know how and when to prioritise

stronger bond

Every parent wants to give their child anything and everything. For new parents, it can become a tad bit overwhelming, where it becomes difficult for parents to prioritise. In times like this, each parent should know when and what to do. There should be harmony between the two. For example; if the mother has some essential errands to run and the baby needs to be looked after, the father should step up and look after the child for that very time. These little gestures between couples make the relationship stronger.

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It is more if a teamwork

team work and prioritising

It is every parent's dream to give their child everything under the sky. However, in this race, parents often forget how their relationship changes with each other. Believe in teamwork in raising a child. There is no award in parenting that one should get. Moreover, it is a collaborative effort in raising a child.

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