Metabolic Switching Is The New Science-Backed Weight Loss Movement

Forget fad diets and weight loss tips, try this new method called ‘metabolic shifting’ to uplift your metabolism and faster weight loss.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jan 06, 2020 17:27 IST
Metabolic Switching Is The New Science-Backed Weight Loss Movement

The new year and party fever must have got down of your heads now. We understand the first of the new year is just a celebratory period and everything starts after that. Now that you are done bingeing and boozing, it is time to get serious about your diet and weight. You must be wondering about quick ways to get rid of all the holiday weight that you gained after eating Christmas cakes and gulping down new year drinks. Take our suggestion and try this newly discovered and scientifically-backed ‘Metabolic Switching’ method.

As per a study published in the science journal ‘The New England Journal Of Medicine’, metabolic switching with intermittent fasting over different courses of time may bring health benefits in multiple ways beginning with weight loss.

A Brief about Metabolic Switching

Metabolic switching is a newly found mechanism which may bring revolutionary health benefits. Neuroscientist Mark Mattson did this research to find if food scarcity or fasting improves the metabolism and overall health of the body. But before that, read the scientific reasons why we tend to gain weight in winter season.

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As per the finding, the metabolism of the body switches during these periods and the body utilizes the sugar, glucose or fat stores to fuel itself. This not only helps in weight loss but also improves mental and bodily functions.

When a person is physically active during metabolic switching, the results double up. The fatty acids from adipose tissue and glycogen stored in the liver are depleted during this process. Not just that, this also triggers ‘Autophagy’ which is a mechanism when the body flushes out the damaged cells and allows new, healthy cells to replace them. This phenomenon of replacement occurs when the body is in the after-fasting recovery mode and the person is just eating and resting.

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Benefits of Metabolic Switching

Metabolic switching can happen in an active lifestyle. The transition won’t be triggered in a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, a person has to be physically active to bring about this change. Here are the best advantages of metabolic switching:

  • Aids weight loss
  • Manages cholesterol levels
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Control blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases resistance to stress
  • Boost overall cognitive health
  • Improves lifestyle

To reap all the aforesaid benefits, you have to be firm about intermittent fasting and regular exercising.

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How to do metabolic switching?

It can be difficult to do intermittent fasting if you are used to eating three meals a day but you can pull through with your dedication. There are two types of intermittent fasting:

Time-restricted eating- Eating for a limited time, say 6-8 hours and not eating anything for the rest of the time.

5:2 fasting: Eating in a normal pattern for 5 days and then eating small meal portions for 2 days.

Both are difficult and it may take time to adapt. Here are some important tips to note if you are planning to try out this technique:

  • Always process slow. Don’t end up fasting suddenly. Increase the duration gradually.
  • Do physical labor to complement fasting and trigger metabolic shifting.
  • Firmly stick to your plan and don’t give up. Whenever you get hunger pangs, divert your mind.

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