Scientific Reasons Why We Tend To Gain Weight In Winter Season

Here are some reasons why you gain weight in the winter season. Changing some lifestyle habits can help you stay in shape.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Dec 23, 2019
Scientific Reasons Why We Tend To Gain Weight In Winter Season

Weight management in winter is no less than an uphill battle. No matter what we do, we end up gaining some kilos by the end of the season. It seems impossible to control our warm winter food cravings especially sweets that are loaded with sugar and ghee(clarified butter). Similarly, it is difficult to head to the gym in these chilly days. Those who can do both of these, are warriors! Jokes apart, we tend to eat more and burn less in winter which are two primary reasons for weight gain in this season. But these aren't alone, there are several other factors too that cause winter weight. Read them all in this article.

Craving for warm foods

As our body feels cold, we crave warm and comforting foods to provide energy and heat to the body. Thus, to provide heat, we eat. This is the reason why the craving for hot puddings and sweets increases as winter approaches. Sweets have high calories which mean more heat.

winter food


Admit it or not, all of us love to snuggle into cozy blankets in cold months. Simply put, hibernation mode. We try to find excuses to not stay in bed and not step outside. 

As per scientists, just like bears, humans also stock up on calories during cold. We consume more than 200 calories extra daily in winter.

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Less physical activity 

Hitting the gym in winter? This thought is enough to make you want to stay indoors and sleep in a warm bed. In summer, we tend to go out, meet friends and exercise. While in the winter season, we end up hitting the couch and bingeing on Netflix to pass time. Less physical activity is one of the main reasons for weight gain.

more sleep

More sleep hormones

We all know that the sun hardly shows up in the winter season which means our body gets less sunlight. But not many people know that lack of sunlight affects sleep hormones in the body. This may even cause SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Due to lack of sunlight, the melatonin hormone is produced in excess by the pineal gland which makes us feel sleepy all the time. Besides, increased melatonin also increases appetite. Summing it up, we eat more and move less in the cold weather which makes us fall prey to winter weight.

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Better Metabolism

Surprisingly, our metabolic rate increases in the winter season to make the body warm by stabilizing the body temperature. But for greater metabolism, we need more food. Thus, to prevent excessive eating, it is suggested to either eat healthy low-calorie foods or stay in a warm environment to keep the body warm.

winter tips

Tips to prevent winter weight

Meanwhile, if you are looking for effective tips to stay fit in every season and prevent winter weight gain, here are some:

  • Eat a balanced diet and strictly avoid fad diets & fast foods
  • Better to have a liquid diet with a variety of soups
  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Keep your body moving
  • Walk around the house or office to exercise your body
  • Avoid alcohol

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