Do You Know What Chinese Drink For Weight Loss?

Do you want to know what Chinese eat and drink to lose weight? Here is their secret weight loss recipe that you must check.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Dec 13, 2019 11:44 IST
Do You Know What Chinese Drink For Weight Loss?

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There are different weight loss practices in different parts of the world but drinking tea for weight loss is something unusual that Chinese people do. Yes. They have a special tea that helps them shed kilos within a few weeks! This tea is called Pu-erh Tea. This has long been referred to as one of the most amazing and effective weight loss teas. 

Well, obesity and rapid weight gain are some of the most common global health risks. Worldwide, people try to find the best ways for slimming down and get rid of all the excess fat. A healthy diet together with regular exercising is the key to stay fit and active. It is all about balancing between what you eat and how you exercise that out.

China’s Weight Loss Secret 

Chinese people swear by this magical tea for weight loss. No, this is not green tea or any herbal tea that is health-beneficial but Pu-erh or Puerh tea. Surprisingly, the tea leaves used in making this tea are cultivated from the same plant which gives green, black and oolong tea! Which is why all these teas hold nearly the same properties.

puerh tea

This traditional Chinese tea has marked its global presence where people are eager to try out this tea to shed some kilos. You can buy it directly from Amazon by clicking here.

What’s So Special About Puerh Tea?

Normally, we boil the tea leaves in the water, sieve and drink. But this tea is different as the tea leaves go under two processes before you can drink- fermentation and post-fermentation.

Once the tea leaves are festered, the leaves are sun-dried and stored to mature in a highly humid environment. The more it is aged, the better and beneficial it is this tea. Thus, you won’t find this tea in loose leaves form rather it is stored and sold in a brick or cake form. The tea is brewed by separating the pieces from the block as per need.

puerh tea weight loss

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Puerh Tea and Weight Loss

The Department of Life Science and Biotechnology of Kunming University, China researched this tea. They found that drinking this tea helped people lose weight, lowered cholesterol levels and regulated blood sugar levels.

Talking about weight loss, this tea allows the person’s body to metabolize fat. The caffeine content in Pu-erh tea secretes hormones that help in metabolizing the fatty acids present in the fat cells so that the body utilizes the fat as fuel to produce energy.

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Things To Keep In Mind

  • The tea is strong in taste with a deep earthy flavor which might not go down well with your stomach in the initial days.
  • There are certain time rules to follow if you are drinking this tea.
  • For weight loss, drink pu-erh tea about one hour after having a meal. It will eliminate all the hard-to-digest fats.
  • Drinking this tea before a meal would instead trigger weight gain. As it tends to clear the stomach which would increase your appetite and thus cause overeating.

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