Acne Alert! Maskne Is The New Acne That Your Face Mask May Give You

Are you seeing acne on your cheek, chin or jaw? It is maskane, a type of acne that is caused by wearing face masks. Know prevention and care tips.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jul 30, 2020 15:49 IST
Acne Alert! Maskne Is The New Acne That Your Face Mask May Give You

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And all of a sudden, face mask has become a very important accessory! Without us realizing, this has become the new normal that we haven’t though of in our wildest dreams. If you want to live, learn to live with a mask. But this saviour is also a trigger for many problems. No, we are not talking about breathing difficulty(though it is one) but ‘Maskne’. Acne caused by prolonged use of masks is given this term and not only women but men are also facing this problem. Let us know more about maskne.

The COVID-19 pandemic has moved our lives upside down where everything seems to be on the verge of end. Fear of contracting the virus, increased morbidity rate, mental health issues, financial crisis, etc. There is so much to worry about already and now we have to deal with maskne.

What is Maskne?

The novel coronavirus is also causing novel skin problems, and maskne is the best example. Wearing masks for long hours not only causes elastic lines on the face but also acne. Wearing a mask is something we cannot do without now. Due to the heat produced inside after wearing a mask, it makes the skin sweaty, sticky and itchy. The first thing that we do after removing the mask is wipe the sweat off the face, right? When this sweat is trapped inside for our skin, it clogs the pores that lead to breakouts.

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How is maskne caused?

The scientific name for maskne is ‘acne mechanica’. This type of acne is caused when there is some kind of friction or pressure on the skin. Wearing a mask causes friction on the skin and prolonged wear makes it worse. This is how maskne is caused.

Wearing a mask especially in the hot and humid weather causes sweating which triggers itching and eventually, your skin breaks out. Humidity causes a lot of skin problems. If you see acne or breakouts in the lower part of your face that is covered by a mask, you might have gotten maskne.

As sweat gets trapped, bacteria build-up. These bacteria are forced into the skin with friction and then cause acne. People who wear a mask for more than 5 to 6 hours straight have a greater likelihood of maskne. Wearing a face mask for some time has lesser chances of breakouts.

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Can Maskne be prevented?

Yes, it is possible to reduce the chances of maskne by taking some simple precautions and modifications in skincare routine. Follow these tips:

  • Stop eating acne-causing foods. Instead have probiotics that prevent acne and also boost immunity.
  • The first and most important tip is always wear a clean mask. Make sure that you are washing your mask daily to get rid of the germs and bacteria on it. Wearing a dirty mask doubles the risk.
  • Always wash your face after removing the mask with a gentle face wash. Apply a water-based moisturizer to hydrate and soothe the skin.

Considering the situation outside, you cannot step away from wearing a mask because of maskne but you can minimize the risk by incorporating these tips in your lifestyle.

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