Apart From Weather Conditions, These 5 Things Can Surprisingly Lead To Acne And Pimples

Pimples and acne happen due to various internal as well as external skin problems. Know what can lead to skin woes

 Onlymyhealth Staff Writer
Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Jun 30, 2020 19:47 IST
Apart From Weather Conditions, These 5 Things Can Surprisingly Lead To Acne And Pimples

Young or old, man or woman, every day we fight against pimples. Do you use tonnes of products but still pimples come back? Acne are large pimples sometimes which are filled with pus (liquid-like substance). These are prevalent bacterial infections generally occur to teenagers and young adults. This is not an infectious disease, but one should still take precautions for it. To counter acne, there are many cleanser creams and other cosmetic products available in the market. According to research, clogged hair follicles, excess oil production, germs, and hormones tend to create stubborn pimples. 


In our busy schedules generally, we forget to notice some factors which propagate pimples and acne. Here are 5  surprising things can also lead to acne:

Your travel itinerary 

You must have noticed that after travelling from flight some pimples appear. This occurs due to changes in the environment. Travelling by flight alters the humidity as in-flight cabin humidity is up to 20 per cent but the humidity on average rises up to 30 per cent. This all happens because of the reduction of humidity, which allows more oil production resulting appearance of painful pimples.

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Your toothpaste 

Ever got a pimple near your mouth? If yes, then the culprit is your toothpaste! Yes, according to Joshua  Zeichner, MD in New York City says that some fluoridated toothpaste can cause- acne-like rashes near the mouth which can be very painful. To avoid this, use non fluoridated organic toothpaste and keep your mouth clean to escape from this petrified sourness.

Pimple picking

Many people have this habit of popping pimples, but it can lead to worsening the situation because when you pop or prick a pimple, it explodes pus, bacteria, blood and dead skins cells on your skin which can lead to more pimples. Pus may infect other regions of your face as well, and pimples may pop up there. This can also increase inflammation and sometimes leave a  permanent scar on your face. So if you don’t want more pimples and blemishes then resist yourself from popping them 

Pimples also happen due to oily skin. Here are some tips:

Your post-exercise routine

When you exercise or work out, you sweat a lot. This sweat can catch dirt and oil on the skin and lead to a  break out if you don’t wash it off, So make sure you wash your face correctly after your workout session. Also, it is essential to consume plenty of water and adequately hydrate yourself with fluids because post work out we lose water from our body and scarcity of water can lead to pimples. And as we know, water makes our skin healthy. 

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Makeup brushes that you forget to clean 

Every girl loves to apply makeup, but along with that, it is essential to cleanse your makeup brushes and beauty blenders. If they are not regularly and properly cleaned, dust, oil, dead skin cells, and residual makeup will begin to build upon them. This collection of filth will then spread to the skin, which can block your pores, increase the risk of breakouts, and there could be a  risk for infections if you have any areas of open skin. Also make sure you properly wash your face after coming from the party because if you leave your make up overnight, your skin can have a breakout. 


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