Are Lip Changes During Pregnancy Real? Let's Tell You All About Pregnancy Lips

Lip changes during pregnancy are normal and many women experience them. Here is why it happens and whether you need to worry about it or not.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Dec 10, 2020 19:39 IST
Are Lip Changes During Pregnancy Real? Let's Tell You All About Pregnancy Lips

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing phases of a woman’s life. It brings so many changes that it almost feels like a rebirth. While skin changes are common during gestation, lip changes are also experienced by a few. Recently, pregnant Kareena Kapoor Khan was also spotted with bigger lips as if she underwent lip surgery. Some Hollywood celebrities have talked about this stage of ‘pregnancy lips’. The names include Serena Williams, Beyoncé, Khloé Kardashian, etc. Pregnant women generally do not pay heed to these small changes and which is why pregnancy lips aren’t known to many. Onlymyhealth searched for more details on this topic and the results are mentioned in this article.

Ever since this topic began, many people are speculating botox or other lip surgeries to be the reason behind these celebrities’ fuller lips. However, there is no truth in these speculations. Surgeries as well as botox are tagged as unsafe by doctors during pregnancy. Women are advised to not go for any kind of surgical procedure or other treatments that may harm the foetus. Now the question arises whether lip changes during pregnancy are a real thing? Keep reading to find the answer.

Can pregnancy cause fuller lips?

chapped lips

While we are aware of the body changes during pregnancy, lip changes may have been missed out. Just like fuller hips, fuller lips can also be caused during gestation and pictures of mothers are proof. Pouty lips look beautiful and they should be counted in the pregnancy glow, right? Let us tell you the science behind the pink pregnancy glow and plumper lips. There are capillaries or small blood vessels beneath your lips. They make the lips look pink. During the third trimester of pregnancy, capillary density or the number of capillaries in the area increase followed by increased blood flow. This leads to dilation or enlarging of capillaries and blood vessels. This is why women look rosy pink during pregnancy and the glow only increases as they near delivery. This answers the popular question-why skin of pregnant women become pinkish?

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Just like how the skin becomes pink, the possibilities are that the same theory applies for lips as well. Blood vessels around the lips might also be dilating giving a pinker and plumper look to the lips. However, this may not happen with every pregnant lady as only a few experience these signs.

Lips changes during pregnancy

We have talked about fuller and pinker lips during pregnancy which is not really a problem as it only enhances the beauty of the mother. But there are certain changes that may bother the mother. While some women get plumper lips, some encounter dry and chapped lips. Why does this happen? It is because of poor hydration. During pregnancy, the body requires extra moisture and if you fail to stay hydrated, it may result in dry, chapped lips and flaky skin. Morning sickness during pregnancy is also a possible cause of loss of hydration or dehydration. In a nutshell, pregnant women need to increase their fluid intake to prevent these issues. Keep a water bottle with you and drink water at regular intervals to stay hydrated. If the dryness persists, apply a homemade lip balm like a coconut oil lip balm to moisturize the lips.

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Do lips darken during pregnancy?

Another most-asked question is whether lips darken during pregnancy as nipples do. Well, nipples darken due to increased melanin production in the body because of estrogen imbalance. But since lips do not have melanin-producing melanocytes, they won’t darken.

In a nutshell, many physical changes are recorded during pregnancy and every mother’s experience is different. Skin changes, lip changes, etc. are testimonials of the transition and one should take it positively. Pregnancy lips is not a problem but a natural phenomenon. They only make you look more beautiful.

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