5 Lifestyle Habits That Cause Hair thinning

Here we have listed 5 lifestyle habits that you need to stop following right away in order to get a head full of shiny hair and avoid hair thinning.

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaUpdated at: Sep 18, 2021 10:00 IST
5 Lifestyle Habits That Cause Hair thinning

Hair thinning is an issue that most of us have dealt with at least once in our lives. Honestly we all have tried changing products, following messy DIY remedies and getting those spa treatments to deal with this problem. Treating a condition without knowing the root cause of the problems can actually worsen it. Little do you know that no spa treatment or DIY remedies would work until you change your lifestyle habits. It's not just your shampoo or the weather conditions that are responsible for hair thinning but your daily habits have a huge role to play in this. Here we have listed some of the lifestyle habits that you need to stop following right away in order to get a head full of shiny hair and avoid hair thinning.

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#1. Frequent Hair Wash

Cleanliness is a good habit but too much of good can also be bad. It is important to keep your scalp clean and fresh by washing your hair regularly. While keeping it clear from the dirt, dust, oils and debris is important, it should be noted that washing your hair too frequently can cause problems as well. Shampooing your hair too often can strip off the natural oils from your scalp and make your hair dry. Washing your hair too often can make them fragile which will lead to dry and brittle strands and result in hair thinning.

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It is advised that one should use a moisturising shampoo followed by a nice conditioner (specially people with dry hair). Washing your hair with harsh shampoos can make them look dead and dull. Instead of washing those strands every other day you can go for your shampoo-conditioner routine twice or thrice a week.

#2. Over Bleaching

With coloring your hair in different fun colors ranging from white to blue and green to orange has become a new trend, bleaching plays an important role in this process. The process of bleaching is not too kind to your hair and can do massive damage to those delicate strands. Treating your hair with bleach can damage the hair cuticles due to which the hair fibers will become thinner and more prone to breakage. 

In order to minimize the hair thinning caused by bleach, it is advised that one must reduce the frequency of bleaching their hair. 

#3. Using Wrong Brush

Wrong tools can do more damage to your hair than you think. Little do you know that the tools you have been using on a daily basis are not the right fit for our hair and are the main reason behind hair thinning. The popular boar bristle brush is said to be one of the least hair friendly options when it comes to combing tools. This brush is harsh on your hair and can actually scratch the scalp.  

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Using a brushwith rounded plastic prongs is the best option when it comes to choosing the right tool to comb your hair. As these brushes have a vented plastic base, the heat doesn’t get concentrated in it at the time of styling. These gentle and hair friendly combs definitely get some brownie points for being cost effective as well. 

#4. Skipping Breakfast


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Breakfast is said to be the most  important meal of the day. Well this meal is not just important for your health but for your hair too. Rushing without having breakfast is not just a lifestyle habit that affects your health, but is bad for your hair too. After a whole night of fasting it is important to have something in the morning to provide essential nutrients to the body. When we consume food after such a long time, it provides nutrients to the essencial systems of the body. As the scalp is not one of these essential systems, it gets the leftover nutrients after the major organ and organ systems have been fed.

#5. Heat Styling

Straightening, curling, crimping and blow drying can make your hair look fabulous for an event but can cause long term damage to your hair. Using heat styling tools on harsh heat can make your hair weak from the scalp and will result in breakage. Excessive heat styling contributes to damaging the cuticles and weakening the hair shaft. Heat styling your hair on a regular basis can make your hair dry, rough and dull along with damaging the outer layer of the hair.

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Try not to use heat styling products on your beautiful mane to protect your hair from the damage. If you can’t help but style your hair, then we would recommend that you should use some heat protectant products like serums and sprays before heat styling your hair and use the tools at minimum heat.

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