Kansa And Cast Iron: Why Shall We Use These Kitchen Tools In Modern Times?

Cast iron requires less oil or ghee in cooking as it heats quickly and keeps the food warm.

Swati Bathwal
Written by: Swati BathwalPublished at: Feb 03, 2021Updated at: Feb 03, 2021
Kansa And Cast Iron: Why Shall We Use These Kitchen Tools In Modern Times?

When health is our priority, our gut health plays a significant role in shaping ourselves today. Research has proven that most of our nutrients get absorbed through our gut, and if we want to heal ourselves, our gut plays a dynamic role. However, the food we prepare and how we absorb nutrients plays a significant role. We have learnt that cooking meals in an aluminium can be toxic and interfere with our metabolic function. Use of plastic, especially with BPA (bis- phenol) causes a hormonal imbalance, and it puts us at risk of cancer, diabetes, PCOD, arthritis and many other medical conditions. Teflon coated pans lead to an imbalance in hormones and also contribute to acne. Hence, going back to our ancient wisdom and using Kansa and cast iron will improve our health in many ways. We use cast iron Tawa for preparing chappati’s, silver glass or copper glass for drinking water or milk, copper or Kansa for cooking and a chakli with wood or brass. Our ancient kitchen revolved around a holistic kitchen.

Can you cook sour foods in Kansa?

  • Yes, sour foods like lemon, vinegar, milk, kokum, tamarind, tomatoes can be cooked in Kansa. Usually, copper and brass react with sour foods, but since Kansa is an alloy of copper and tin, it is the best metal to eat and cook in. They have a high heat-carrying capacity which promotes slow cooking and keeps food warm for hours. The pure tin covering the kadhai assists in cooking acidic food items.
  • Cast iron: Due to the iron coating, sour foods get oxidized and can't be prepared in cast iron.

In Kansa or cast iron, where can you store food for longer?

You can keep food in Bronze or Kansa utensil for hours, and it keeps it warm. Whereas if you are cooking food in a cast iron you have to empty the food immediately once cooked as it reacts to the iron. While you can’t keep cooked food in an iron wok, you cannot store ghee in Kansa. Storing ghee in Kansa vessel reduces its health benefits, and it interferes with the quality of ghee and can be toxic.

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Care for Kansa and cast-iron cookware, which one needs more attention?

Kansa metal is easy to care. Just a mild detergent and warm water are enough to wash the cookware or the utensil. And dry it with the cloth. However, cast iron cannot be washed in harsh detergents and longer. Just warm water and pat dry is an excellent way to wash cast iron. One must ensure that seasoning – applying a thin layer of oil once a week must care for cast iron. Cast iron cookware should not be stored in humidity. Cast iron requires more care than Kansa.

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health benefits

What are the health benefits of Kansa and cast-iron cookware?

Kansa alkalizes and purifies food and promotes our gut health or digestive health. It helps in adding glowing skin and reduces stress. According to Ayurveda, if you drink water stored for 8 hours in Kansa, it will help balance all the body's doshas. Using Kansa cookware helps in reducing inflammation from arthritis, improve memory and assist in thyroid balance. Copper adds glow to your skin and also plays a significant role in the production of melanin. It helps collagen production and makes it useful cookware or kitchenware to drink water or cook meals in for both glowing skin and lustrous hair. But washing them regularly, cleaning them is a must. Using cast iron cookware is excellent for adding iron in your diet. When we cook our meals in cast iron, a small amount of iron gets absorbed in the food.

How to know if Kansa and Cast iron pure? Pure Kansa is corrosion-resistant. If your iron wok heats quickly and rusts easily (without care), it is pure. Using both Kansa and Cast iron in our kitchen can significantly transform our lives.


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