Is Winter Making Your Tresses Dry? Here Are Tips to Protect Hair From Dryness During Winters

Worried about your hair in the winter season? Outwit winter hair problems with these simple tips

Arushi Bidhuri
Hair CareWritten by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Dec 22, 2019
Is Winter Making Your Tresses Dry? Here Are Tips to Protect Hair From Dryness During Winters

Who doesn’t want beautiful hair all year long? But when winter comes, the cold outside combined with the heat of the dryer can damage your beautiful tresses. The scalp becomes prone to dehydration, resulting in dryness. You can overcome these hair problems by treating your manes to a hair-care routine. 

Tips to Protect Hair from Dryness: 

Don’t wash your hair too often 


If you can, avoid washing your hair too often. Washing your hair twice or thrice in a week is enough to clear out dust and the debris. If you have dry hair, over washing will make them look brittle and lifeless.  

Commit to hair treatments 

If you want to get rid of dry hair, you should focus on hair treatments to restore the lost moisture. Hair dries out in the winter season and a good hair treatment every weak or month will help reciprocate the damage. 

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Avoid styling products

Styling products produce a lot of heat and using them frequently will definitely make your hair even drier. To keep your manes in the best shape, you should completely avoid styling products. But for some reason you can’t, then use a good heat protecting hair spray. 

Hydrate hair with oil 


Dry hair takes all the moisture away from the scalp. Hydrating them regularly with a mild oil such as almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil. To keep the moisture intact, cover your hair with a beanie or a scarf. 

Cut down on hot showers 

Hot showers are a big no when it comes to washing your hair. Irrespective what type of hair you have, it will make your hair prone to breaking and more brittle. Your best bet is to skip hot showers at all costs. Moreover, a long hot shower will make the scalp itchy, dry and irritated. 

Use hydrating masks for moisturizing 

Keeping dry hair moisturized is as important as keeping your skin moisturized. You can spend tons of money on over-the-counter products, but nothing can beat your grandmother’s “nuskhe”. Homemade hydrating hair masks are a treat for dry hair. Mixing the ingredients sitting in your kitchen right now will help revive dry hair. 

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Regular trims work 


Getting regular trims will help you get rid of dry ends, split ends, frizzy hair and whatnot. It is the most effective way to keep your hair in a healthy state. You don’t have to get a haircut every month, just a little trim. 

Do not tie your hair  

Keep your hair down as much as possible to avoid additional hair breakage. Tying up your hair with a crunchie will cause them to break and add to the problem. Let the hair loose with the moving breeze of the winter sun. 

Wear a hat 

Covering your hair with a hat will protect them from damage caused due to the cold winter. Style your outfits with cool hats to enjoy the cold season without fussing over your hair.

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