Is Tea Without Milk Good For Weight Loss?

Tea without milk has its mechanism to steer weight loss. Here is why you may include it in your weight diet.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Sep 02, 2020Updated at: Sep 02, 2020
Is Tea Without Milk Good For Weight Loss?

Do you know that according to research, drinking tea can help you lose weight? But what's the catch? You must have it without milk. Experts have shown that tea contains high levels of composites that combat the absorption of fat. The amount of calories in tea is associated with other goods added to it such as honey, sugar or milk. Hence, it is best to sip your black tea, i.e. nothing but water to derive its best weight loss benefits. Do you know that tea has a large content of some fat burning composites? But are you aware that the milk proteins counteract this ability? The tests carried on rats have shown the real impact of thearubigins and theaflavins on obesity. Analysts working on the project think that this demonstrates why the English people are not benefited by having tea the most in the universe. 

Tea Without Milk: How it works?

When the tea is mixed with milk, the thearubigins and theaflavins in it react with milk protein and cause them to form some harmful mixture. So now you are aware of this; hence it would be great to start all over again and for gaining health benefits take to tea without milk. This study has also helped the researchers to begin the development of a new variety of tea that has more of these composites. This research was conducted at the Tea Research Association in Jorhat, in Assam, India.

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Studies on tea without milk

  • Related researches have been conducted in Japan with results that are relatively close to those exhibited by the Tea Research Association of Assam. Essences from the leaves of tea were found to be inhibitors in the retention of fat in rats. These rats were fed food high in fat. The Kirin Beverage Company carried out this research in Japan. Hiroaki Yajima said that extracts from black tea prevent obesity induced by diet as it facilitates absorption of lipids in the intestine. Yajima is the scientist working for the company.
  • German experts have also found that adding tea to milk brings down its beneficial properties. Cardiovascular system and a healthy heart are the results of tea’s antioxidant property as well as its ability to dilate blood vessels. The research was carried out on healthy women volunteers who drank black tea without and with skimmed milk. When black tea was consumed without milk, the dilation was noticeable, and it was not noted when milk was taken with tea.


In the past, do you know that tea was thought to be good for your heart? However, no one had studied the impact of combining milk on it. It shows that one needs to instil various habits if health gains need to be obtained out of tea. Despite one hundred sixty-five million cups of tea consumed in the UK, i.e. equal to three cups per person every day, the pandemic of obesity is as conspicuous as in any nation of the globe. With the conclusions of this research before them, the tea lovers all over the planet should learn to consume tea separately.

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