5 General Factors That Could Negatively Impact Your Immunity

There are some general factors that could break your immunity, look at these issues and try to correct them.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 15, 2022Updated at: Apr 15, 2022
5 General Factors That Could Negatively Impact Your Immunity

Your immune system is designed in such a way that it destroys and prevents any foreign particles to enter the body. Immune system is like a shield that protects you from different kinds of infections. You might be continuously exposed to germs and irritants while you are functioning on your daily needs. It is very difficult for the body to maintain adequate immunity that could protect you. If you do not take care of some daily activities, then you might get this infection because immune system gets damaged. Exposure to irritants, allergens and germs can result to diseases that needs to be prevented. Today, we will talk about some general factors that can break this immunity and cause health issues. 

5 Lifestyle Factors That Affect Your Immunity 

1. Regular Hand Washing 

Underestimating your hygiene can be one of the most selfish things to do. According to some studies, people only wash their hands 67% while using restroom. Other 85% were those who washed their hands after using public washroom. This is the time when we have seen how poor hygiene can impact your health and cause diseases. According to some doctors, you must wash your hands for at least 15 seconds with soap and then rub it between your fingers and back of the hand properly. This can seem to be a very long period to remain in front of the mirror but it can prevent you from various infections and germs that are present in the restrooms. 


2. Correct Sleep Cycle 

One of the most neglected criteria of health these days is improper sleep cycle. Most of the people do not complete their proper sleep and tend to sleep at different time intervals. This impacts their health system and immunity to level that it can break your immunity. Improper sleep has been responsible for decreased levels of stress hormones, cortisol, in your body. Seven hours is the minimum recommended time for the amount of sleep adults need in a day. However, according to studies only 56% of adults are able to sleep to a minimum of 7 hours daily. Stop younger adults sleep for six hours or less in a 24 hours day. 

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3. Proper Nutritional Content 

Importance of food and nutrition is very crucial to maintain a good health and immunity in the body. Minerals contain compounds that are responsible to build immunity and reduce cell damage. Fruits and vegetables containing zinc can actually improve your immunity. Since more people are attracted towards junk food or unhealthy food items, therefore it becomes difficult to manage proper immunity in the body. You should eat food that is rich in Vitamin C, A, B6 and B12. Also, intake foods that are rich in iron and zinc compounds that aid in building proper immunity in the body.  


4. Cortisol Levels 

Another factor that could break your immunity is cortisol levels in your body. Stress is considered enemy of your immune system. If you have too much stress of work and daily responsibility then it is easier for you to get affected by diseases. Increasing levels of stress hormone, cortisol can make it difficult for your immune system to function properly. According to some research, around 65 to 70% of young adults face stress level start are higher than the necessary amount that could be taken by the body normally. 

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5. Supplements and Fortified Foods Consumption 

Food supplements and fortified foods have been widely used in support of healthy immunity. According to National Institute of Health, around 29% of supplement users take immune health products. Beta glucan is an emerging ingredient in the immune health supplement start increases your immunity. It is made up of polymer and insoluble fiber that are present in the cereal grains like oat and barley. Beta glucan is also found in yeast, mushrooms and algae that can provide various benefits to your health. 

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