What Is Homeopathy? The Nuances Explained By A Homeopathy Doctor

As important as choosing the right doctor is, it is essential that you choose the right treatment too. 

Tanya Srivastava
Written by: Tanya SrivastavaPublished at: Apr 14, 2022Updated at: Apr 14, 2022
What Is Homeopathy? The Nuances Explained By A Homeopathy Doctor

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician who is credited with discovering homeopathy. Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the belief that the body can heal itself. It is a pseudoscientific system of alternative medication. Its practitioners, known as the homeopaths, believe in the principle that a substance that causes symptoms of a disease in healthy people can also cure similar symptoms in sick people. This doctrine is called similia similibus curentur, or "like cures like".

Principles Of Homeopathy 

Dr Pankaj Agarwal, MD (HOM) Phd, Agarwal Homoeo Clinic, Delhi enunciates more on the subject of homeopathy and unravels that homeopathy is a synthesis of two terms, homo" which means same and "pathy" which means a disease. In a candid chat with Onlymyhealth, Dr. Pankaj shares that alternative science believes iron cuts iron and would you not try this system of curing when it claims to provide the needed relief? Well, homeopathy says that a similar disease should be treated with a similar treatment. This also explains the first principle of homeopathy, let like be treated by like. There are two prime principles of homeopathy:


1. Like cures like

A 200 year old concept like cure like, elucidates that for example if your body is itchy, the doctor will prescribe a homeopathic medicine which will trigger the cells of iching. This is how the body will heal itself. The practitioners of homeopathy depend on the natural ingredients such as plants, trees and/or their residue. This is a concentrated liquid solution which is mixed in the small sugar balls and then prescribed by the doctors to patients.

2. Dilution

The second prime principle of homeopathy is dilution. It ideates the concept of less is more. As the name suggests, the medicine is diluted in a particular method. The process not only benefits in the dilution but this also increases the potency of the concentration solution. Here, the quantity of the medicine is less, however, the quality of the dose is increased. This process of increasing the potency of the medicine is known as the potentisation. This is donated as the 'C" number in the medicine bottles. The quantity of the med is decided after taking into consideration the disease, personality, genetic factor and earlier associated diseases of the patient. Likewise, every patient is prescribed a custom made dose.

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In contrast, in allopathy medicines are prescribed on no such basis. For instance, paracetamol is a universal medicine in allopathic treatment.

Homeopathy: Second Most Popular System Of Medication

Dr. Pankaj further enlightens that homeopathy is the second most popular system of medication worldwide. He also exclaims that homeopathy does work as a charm. Pet homeopathy and Agro Homeopathy are the perfect kinds to explain this as even plants are given homeopathic treatment. Undoubtedly, there is a vivid improvement in the concerned patient and there are no adverse effects on their health neither physical nor psychological.

Albeit, even after centuries, homeopathic practitioners and medical science does not have a proof of its effectiveness and whenever they have been benefiting the critics labelled it as the placebo effect. However, there has been an exponential shift of patients from allopathy to homeopathy since it has shown effective and beneficial results in the treatment.

How to Choose The Line Of Treatment? 

Dr. Pankaj says, "At the time of a life threatening disease or late diagnosis of one, a person should opt for an allopathic treatment. For example a person suffering from degeneration should consult a homeopathic doctor but a patient of last stage kidney failure should immediately go for an allopathic treatment. The two go hand in hand solely depending on the disease of the patient. It is a system and one cannot be dissed over the other. Homeopathic medicine often acts as a complementary and principal medicine after allopathic treatment."

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It is very important that you choose the right doctor and treatment. This has to be a wise choice and if you are looking to switch from one kind of treatment to another alternative, consult your doctor. In case of blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases, a person should thoroughly choose the treatment and doctor as it is just as important.