How To Stop Being Lazy? 6 Hacks That Actually Work

Laziness can lead your to mental health issues and put you at self-doubt, here is how you can overcome it.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 11, 2022Updated at: May 11, 2022
How To Stop Being Lazy? 6 Hacks That Actually Work

Not able to wake up in the morning or feeling like taking the day off? Or are you the one who keeps their tasks on pending just because you don’t feel like completing it? If yes, then this article is for you. Being lazy on a few days is quite understandable and very humanly, but repeating the same on each day could be signs of serious health troubles. This often happens when you do not sleep well or are indulged in activities that could spoil your routine. Teenagers and young working adults are affected by it the most. Lack of passion for your job, overwhelming things to do, medical conditions or lack of concentration are common causes of laziness. Read this article to find out how you can activate your senses and get going. 

How to Overcome Laziness? 

One of the biggest questions that rises here is how can it be stopped. If you have come so far, then keep yourself motivated and read these simple hacks which could improve your productivity and gets you on your toes.  

1. Make your goals manageable 

Setting some unrealistic or unachievable goals could demotivate you to work and also leads to burnout. It is human tendency that when you have too much work on your table which is not practically possible to complete in the given deadline, then you tend to become lazier. For this you need to start early and schedule your daily routine in a way that those targets are met. Longing for escape would never work in favor of your goals, therefore try harder and keep goals those can be managed by you. 


2. You are not Perfect, don’t take extra pressure 

Nobody is perfect in this world and we all have our imperfection which we need to work on. The biggest challenge is to improve yourself from the previous day and increase your productivity. Why is that some people are able to manage things easily while others tend to struggle? It is just because of the positive mindset and pre-examination of self that motivates them to do their tasks on time. Rise in imperfection could be a cause of laziness and could even lead you to depression. Therefore, you need to keep imperfections aside, work on your strengths and improve those not so perfect things left.  

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3. Create a plan of Action 

Getting into a routine and planning things can take you a long way. People who complete their tasks on time are usually able to plan their day in a very organized way because of which everything falls into place. Your time, efforts and factors might go in vain if you be in a hustle and try to keep catching up. Think for a while each day when you get up, give yourself directions of work and work on your self-confidence in order to hurdle up along the way. 

4. Use your Strengths 

Majority of people just look at others and try to follow the same. This is wrong, every individual has its own set of strengths that it can play on. This can help you gear up for your tasks and achieve through a different window. Your line of action could differ but your ultimate goal or deadline should be the same. Positive feeling, knowing your strengths and engagement to work are the key factors that could work in your favor. 


5. Avoid Distractions 

One of the biggest factors of people being lazy is because of the multiple distractions they have in their life. Whether it is scrolling Instagram, making up reels, or just chit chatting in the work period. This impacts your cognitive thinking and gives signals to your brain that removes the work from your priority list and puts other temptations over it. Social media is a big villain these days and therefore you need to make those less accessible to you. Sit in an empty room, or find a quiet place at work. Block unnecessary notifications and just focus until your work is done. This strategy could even improve your performance.

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6. Reward Yourself 

Getting a job done should motivate you to work further and step up your game. Therefore, if nothing else motivates you, then reward yourself when a task is done. If you do not believe yourself to patient enough, then ask a friend or family member to do the same. This could be your favorite meals or just some fun time after a big project, this all makes your mental health better and puts you in the right spot in life. 

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