Here's How You Can Boost Estrogen Levels Through Diet And Food

Know why oestrogen is considered as every woman’s best friend! How to increase estrogen and progesterone hormones naturally? 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Nov 05, 2020
Here's How You Can Boost Estrogen Levels Through Diet And Food

How to increase estrogen levels with food? Estrogen is a hormone found exclusively in women's bodies. Do you know that during puberty, the female body develops due to the presence of this hormone? Also, this hormone helps in developing the reproductive organs of the woman. Even in women, the estrogen hormone is associated with their pregnancy as well as menstruation. The ovaries produce estrogen hormone, but some health problems or lifestyle mistakes can affect the production of estrogen in your body, which is a severe problem. In this case, low estrogen levels affect your mood, and you may suffer from issues like fatigue, headaches, and irregular periods. This is why if your estrogen levels are low, you can improve and maintain them in many natural ways.

Here we are mentioning about five foods that can increase estrogen levels in a woman's body


  • Nuts and seeds high in estrogen: Do you know that some seeds can improve your estrogen level? Yes, sesame seeds or flaxseeds are considered very good for people with low estrogen. As they are known as sources of phytoestrogen and estrogen, hence they can be easily added (as a perfect option) in your diet. These seeds will also help keep your body healthy as well as improving your cholesterol level.
  • Herbal tea for estrogen dominance: Herbal teas such as red clover, red thyme, and verbena are known to stimulate and increase the production of estrogen in your body. If you consume these herbal teas regularly, your estrogen levels will be naturally raised. They also contain phytoestrogens, which improve and affect estrogen production.

  • Dry fruits (especially raisins) for estrogen: Dates, raisins, apricots, pistachios and walnuts are such dry fruits, which are considered healthy for our body. Do you know that these healthy dry fruits are also a power-packed snack? But besides, they are a rich source of estrogen and boost estrogen levels in your body.
  • Red wine estrogen dominance: Red wine is considered a rich source of poly estrogen, which is also an excellent option to manage your hormone levels. Do you know that red wine increases your estrogen levels and helps keep you healthy? Besides, red wine has many other health benefits too.
  • Soy milk for estrogen replacement: Soy milk is plant-based milk, which is also suitable for people allergic to lactose. Soy milk is known to improve the production of estrogen in your body. Therefore, make more soy-based products like soy milk or soy curd part of your diet.


What are the primary motives for the decline in estrogen levels? In a woman's body, one of the causes could be attributed to age. When does the level of estrogen drops? It is when a woman ceases to menstruate or goes through menopause. People who exercise more, have eating disorders and suffer from problems related to kidneys or ovaries might often have low estrogen problems. Besides, sometimes, some medications can also affect your estrogen production. Do you know this can reduce bone density and weaken your bones? 

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