Want To Shed Some Kilos? Know How Adopting A Skinny Fit Person's Eating Pattern Could Help

You can easily stay in shape all year if you incorporate the following habits into your daily routine.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Mar 04, 2023 13:30 IST
Want To Shed Some Kilos? Know How Adopting A Skinny Fit Person's Eating Pattern Could Help

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We all know someone in our office whose face never gets chubby, or a childhood friend who eats to their heart's content and still has no love handles. On the other hand, there are people who have a gym membership, all the healthy foods in the refrigerator, count calories, and are still unable to lose weight. While genetics, gender, age, and activity level all play a role in why some people never gain weight. However, their eating habits are also the reason they maintain the same weight all year. So, if you want to lose weight but don't have time to work out, here are some eating habits of skinny fit people that can help you get in shape.

To be clear, skinny fit here does not mean genetically slim people, but rather people who live an active lifestyle and have achieved a low fat percentage by following a healthy lifestyle. Indian crickter Virat Kohli is a perfect example of this. As seen in India vs. Australia test match, which happened in Delhi from Feb 17, 2023, to Feb 21, 2023, Virat was enjoying his chole bhature, indicating that even the fittest guy eats junk, but he has eating habits that ensure he does not gain too much weight.

1) Order Half

If you've ever been out with a skinny fit person, you'll know that they always eat less. Even if they order a large pizza, they will only eat half of it. How does eating half help? When you eat half, your calorie intake for the day is automatically reduced. Second, when you eat less, your organs have to work less to digest that food. Finally, you do not deprive yourself of certain foods, which helps with binges.

2) Listen To Your Body

Skinny fit people do not diet and listen to their bodies when it comes to eating. The procedure is similar to intuitive eating, in which a person pays attention to their body's needs. In layman's terms, intuitive eating entails developing a relationship with food while paying attention to your emotional and physical sensations while eating. So, when following a diet, you are advised to eat specific foods at specific times, even if you don't want to eat. Whereas, when you listen to your body, you can eat according to your bodily needs, which aids in healthy weight loss.

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3) They Eat Breakfast

Starting your day off right sets the tone for the rest of the day. Most people make the mistake of skipping breakfast in the mistaken belief that doing so will increase their calorie intake. In reality, eating a healthy breakfast that includes good carbs and protein will keep you fuller for longer and help you avoid binges. Most skinny fit people are very particular about their breakfast because it eliminates the need of every two hour snacking. 

4) They Prefer Home Food

When you eat out, you are unaware of the calories in the food and the ingredients in the meal. When you cook your own food, you know exactly how much carbs and protein are in it. Outside food contains a lot of toxins that slow down your system. So it's best if you learn to cook and eat mostly at home.

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5) Don't Snack

Snacking throughout the day increases your daily calorie intake, causing weight gain. A skinny fit person will never snack. They eat at set times and only eat three main meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, the next time you feel the urge to snack, divert your mind by going for a run or playing some game. 

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