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Mothers Dealing With Postpartum Depression Can Benefit From Sound Therapy, Expert Weighs In

Sound healing therapy is an age-old alternative therapy that promotes well-being in all aspects.

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Apr 06, 2023 17:17 IST
Mothers Dealing With Postpartum Depression Can Benefit From Sound Therapy, Expert Weighs In

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman's life but it can be challenging and stressful too. For new parents, especially first-time mothers, happiness comes with a lot of duties that can quickly become overwhelming. It can result in postpartum depression and take a toll on their mental and psychological health. It has been discovered that sound therapy is effective in treating postpartum depression and is good for new mothers. Sound healing therapy is an age-old alternative therapy that promotes well-being in all aspects.

The Onlymyhealth team spoke to Dr Anju Sharma, Sound Healing Master, Psychic Reformer and Holistic-wellness Coach to learn more about the benefits of sound therapy in dealing with postpartum depression.

What Is Postpartum Depression

New mothers go through a roller-coaster ride full of pain, emotions and challenges. This can take a toll on their physical as well as mental and psychological health. Postpartum depression is very common in women, especially when they don't have a lot of support. While they are happy to have given birth to a baby, they don’t feel attached which can make her feel guilty. 

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What Is Sound Therapy?

For the uninitiated, sound therapy uses therapeutic sounds to heal the mind and body. It uses instruments, natural sounds as well as human voices to release certain vibrations that bring harmony and balance between your mind and body. The use of auditory and vibratory inputs provides relaxation and enhances physical, emotional and psychological health.

Benefits Of Sound Therapy For Postpartum Depression

Sound therapy is known to open and balance the chakras of the body to release toxins and aid deep healing. Here are some of the noted benefits of sound therapy for PPD.

Stress & Anxiety Reduction

One of the major signs of postpartum depression is increase in levels of stress and anxiety. Women with PPD are vulnerable and can get triggered very easily. Besides, they also get anxious without a reason which can also hamper people around them. Sound therapy is known for releasing stress and lowering anxiety levels. Taking sound healing therapy sessions can help women de-stress and overcome anxiety.

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Prevent Depression

If a woman is feeling low and stressed, she must take sound therapy to prevent depression. Stress and anxiety are the initial signs of depression and by treating them, the stage of depression can be easily prevented.

Enhances Mood

It is genuine for a woman who has just undergone the critical birthing process and has a tiny baby to take care of, to experience mood changes. She might be in a very depressed state, which might lead to postpartum depression. The relaxing techniques used in sound therapy help in uplifting mood and promoting positivity. This also increases awareness which helps her take good care of the newborn.

Reduces Muscle Tension

The body has gone through so much in nine months which can cause physical issues for the woman. Sound therapy not just calms the mind but also relaxes the muscles to release tension and fasten the recovery process. 

Importance Of Family Support

The family must always be there for support in every way possible. Majority of women are unaware that they are suffering from postpartum depression, which can have a harmful impact on their health and wellbeing. The family must pay attention to the symptoms and take her to a specialist. PPD, when identified on time, can be easily managed and the holistic health of the mother can be restored.