Liver Cancer: 10 Homeopathic Remedies For Dealing With Hepatic Cancer

Disorders develop due to liver cancer such as increased low blood sugar, high cholesterol level, breast enlargement & shrinking of testicles in men.

Tavishi Dogra
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Liver Cancer: 10 Homeopathic Remedies For Dealing With Hepatic Cancer

The liver is an essential organ in the human body that plays an indispensable role in maintaining various body processes, including digestion. It also has a role in the detoxification of your body by clearing off different metabolites and waste products. It is also involved in the synthesis of proteins. It is an organ that is found in the upper right region of the abdomen. It is reddish-brown when it is in a healthy state. The weight can vary from 970 to 1860 grams in men and 600 to 1770 grams in women. It is the heaviest internal organ and the largest gland in the human body. As far as it remains healthy and works well; there is no problem. When it starts becoming unhealthy and cannot perform its functions, the whole body is deranged. One of the harshest liver conditions the liver goes through is liver cancer. Like some other types of cancer, symptoms of liver cancer may not appear in the early stage. This problem leads to a diagnosis of liver tumours mostly in an advanced stage of cancer. Also, there is a lack of screening tests for liver cancer. This makes it necessary for people with a family history of liver cancer to get regular consultation from their doctor.

Signs and symptoms of liver cancer

symptoms of liver cancer

Symptoms and signs of liver cancer may vary from person to person. Common symptoms of cancer including liver cancer that can develop as early warning signs are a pain in the upper region of the abdomen on the right side of the right shoulder blade, the enlarged liver which can be felt as a mass under the ribs on the right side, abdominal swelling or bloating in the abdomen, jaundice that appears as yellowing of the skin and eyes. Jaundice can also occur in other diseased conditions that involve the liver. Other signs and symptoms of liver cancer include weight loss where the diet is not the reason, decrease in appetite or feeling of fullness after a small meal, nausea and vomiting that are not associated with any other known condition, general weakness, fatigue, fever that is not related to other diseases, enlarged spleen that can be felt as a mass under the ribs on the left side.

While the conventional treatment mode is essential in liver cancer, a complementary homoeopathic treatment can help manage the disease and counter the destructive effects of chemotherapy and other allopathic medicines and techniques. Some of the homoeopathic medicines for dealing with liver cancer include:

Arsenic album for liver cancer

Arsenic album should be thought of prescribing when over-consumption of alcohol is the prime reason for liver damage and liver cancer. Liver cancer developing after ptomaine poisoning, stings, dissecting wounds, chewing tobacco can benefit from the arsenic album. Arsenic album helps in maintaining the body and functions in case the body suffers from malignancy. This malignancy can be present anywhere in the body, including the liver. Arsenic album also helps in limiting degenerative changes in the body. The patient is highly anguish and restless and changes places quickly. There are gnawing and burning pains in the abdomen and are relieved by heat. The liver and spleen are enlarged and painful. Ascites or abnormal accumulation of fluid in the stomach with abdominal swelling can be present.

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Aurummetallicum for liver cancer treatment 

Enlargement of the liver and spleen can call for aurummetallicum as a remedy. There is a chronic inflammation of the liver. The liver of the patient is large and hardened, with a burning sensation in the liver region. Liver troubles, such as liver cancer are associated with heart disease in patients needing Aurummetallicum. There can also be the presence of dropsy or swelling of the soft tissues due to excess water accumulation in limbs. Abdominal dropsy is also present with drawing pain and distension from gases. Tenderness of the abdomen is also present. There can be frequent stools that can be greyish, white, and bile-less. Haemorrhoids can also be present with bleeding in stools.

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Calcarea arsenicosum for liver cancer patients 

Calcarea arsenicosum

Patient needing calcarean arsenicosum gets easily angered and refuses to talk or to answer questions. There is anxiety during day and night, but it is worse during chill, during fever, and can become wild. Appetite is diminished, and there is the sensation of coldness in the stomach. It is hard for the patient to digest eggs or fish, and the water tastes bitter. There is fullness in the abdomen and hardness of the liver. Heaviness is present and feels as if there is a load in the stomach, especially after eating. There is great pain in the region of the liver. The kinds of pain are cramping, cutting, dragging. Patients of liver cancer, in this case, may have constipation with hard and knotty stools or diarrhoea with black, bloody, clay-coloured, copious stools.

Calcareacarbonicum for liver cancer 

Patient needing calcarean carb is usually fat, fair, and flabby. The patient can lose weight due to liver cancer. The abdomen is sensitive to the slightest pressure, and the liver region is painful when the patient stops. There is cutting in the stomach, and the stomach is swollen. The flatulence in the stomach is incarcerated or prisoned, i.e., it is unable to move. The inguinal and mesenteric glands can be swollen and painful. The thirst of the patient is associated with longing for cold drinks. There is diarrhoea of undigested food, and stool is fetid.

Calcarea iodata

Calcareaiodata is prescribed generally to patients with scrofulous affections, especially with enlarged glands, tonsils. It is also useful in nodular tumours which are movable and tender to touch. These tumours are painful on moving the arm. With liver cancer, there can also be the presence of breast tumours. Clinical indications include cancer, consumption, headache, and unnatural softness of body parts.

Chelidonium majus

Chelidonium majus

Chelidonium exhibits anti-tumour and anti-genotoxic activities. It can be used to limit liver cancer. There is jaundice due to hepatic and gall-bladder obstruction. The liver is enlarged. There is a constriction in the abdomen across, as by a string. There can be constipation alternating with diarrhoea.

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Cholesterinum for fatty liver 

Cholesterinum is a specific homoeopathic medicine for cancer of the liver. There are obstinate hepatic engorgements. There is burning pain inside and has to hold his hand on the side on walking as it is painful otherwise. Jaundice is present with gallstones. Insomnia is present.

What is hydrastis canadensis used for?

hydrastis canadensis

The liver in patients needing Hydrastis for diseases, including liver cancer is torpid and tender. There can be gallstones present, and dull dragging pain in the right groin with cutting sensation in the right testicle in males. 

Iodium for liver disease 

The patient needing iodium is anxious when quiet. The liver and spleen are sore and enlarged. Jaundice is present and mesenteric glands are enlarged. Cutting pain in the abdomen is present, and the patient experiences a haemorrhage with every stool.

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Homoeopathic phosphorus for liver

The abdomen of the patient needing phosphorus feels cold. There are sharp, cutting pains in the stomach. There is a fragile, empty, and gone sensation felt in the whole abdominal cavity. The liver is congested with the development of jaundice. There is excellent lowness of spirit in the patient of liver cancer who needs phosphorus.

Note: It is strictly advised to not take any homoeopathic medicine without consulting a homoeopathic doctor.

[With inputs from Dr Jyoti Sharma (Homeopathic Doctor), Founder of Kaila Homeopathy]

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