8 Home Remedies To Regulate Menstrual Cycle

Irregular Periods can be very frustrating and depressing. Try these 8 home remedies to regulate your menstrual cycle.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Sep 03, 2021Updated at: Sep 03, 2021
8 Home Remedies To Regulate Menstrual Cycle

There are a number of conditions which a woman goes through. Periods are one of these conditions which occur to every woman who go through menstrual cycle. These periods are result of menstrual cycle that occurs every month to a woman at an average interval of 28 days. The gap between days can vary from female to female but in general it needs to be from 24-37 days. If this is not the case, then it is said to be irregular menstrual cycle. Doctors do not recommend any particular treatment for irregular periods until the gap becomes evident. However if you feel that there has been a sudden increase in gap between your menstrual cycle, then you could consider some home remedies that can regulate your irregular periods.

8 Home Remedies to Stop Irregular Periods

1. Exercise Regularly

Even though some people, especially women have wrong assumptions about exercising, it is a healthy activity. Doing regular exercise keep your body healthy and can improve your irregular periods. Exercise can also help you maintain healthy and adequate weight which is a factor responsible for irregular periods. It can also treat condition affecting menstrual cycle such as polycystic ovary syndrome. Some studies show that doing regular exercise for half an hour can keep your body fit and maintain accurate gap between your periods. Aerobic exercises are recommended for more effectiveness.


2. Keep a check on your Weight

It may seem difficult to assess but keeping a check on your weight is must. Weight is directly linked to problems related to menstruation. If a person is underweight or overweight, tendency of getting irregular periods increases. This can be regulated with help of nutritional diet, exercise, yoga and some supplements. Women who are underweight also experience heavy bleeding and have comparatively more pain in their periods. This happens because excess weight makes the cells fat which affect the hormones and insulin level in the body.

3. Add ginger to your meals and diet

Ginger is considered a very health and effective home remedy against period cramps and irregular periods. It has anti-inflammatory properties which aids in treating irregular periods and improves menstrual health. Ginger can also reduce heavy bleeding and blood loss during menstrual cycle. Adding ginger to your diet can also improve symptoms of PMS like mood swings, behavioural changes and irritation. 

4. Practise Yoga

Yoga has been an effective way to regulate health problems. Doing different asanas in yoga has different health benefits. Treatment of menstrual issues can also be done with help of yoga as it lowers the escalated hormone levels resulting to heavy bleeding and irregular periods. Practising yoga regularly also reduces menstrual pain and helps to keep your emotions under control. It does not let you go in depression and anxiety which can prolong your menstrual cycle in some cases. Women who go through primary dysmenorrhea experience extreme pain during their periods, yoga can reduce symptoms of this disorder and aid in bringing down the menstrual pain.


5. Consume More Vitamins

Lack of vitamins in the body is one of the reasons that can prolong gap between menstrual cycles. Low levels of vitamin D in the body may be a reason that is creating gap between your periods. Consuming more food that has vitamin D in it for example milk, cereals, and other dairy products can improve your menstruation cycle. You should also try to get vitamin D from sunlight, as it is crucial. Taking adequate amount of vitamin D can benefits you in weight loss, reducing depression and risk of some diseases associated with it.

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6. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Regularly

Apple cider vinegar is used to treat a number of health problems. Irregular periods and gap between menstrual cycles can also be improved by having apple cider vinegar daily. According to a study by National Institute of Health in California, drinking 15ml of apple cider vinegar daily can regulate irregular menstruation in women. Especially women who have eminent symptoms of PCOS can have apple cider vinegar to improve their health. It also aids in weight loss and keeping the blood sugar levels low. If you are not able to consume it directly, then you can add a table spoon of honey and little water in it. 


7. Have Pineapples more often

This is a popular home remedy recommended by many dieticians to regulate menstrual cycle in women. Pineapple is rich in bromelain that is beneficial to treat problems associated with uterus lining and periods. Pineapples also have anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve pain and ease menstrual cramps. Eating some pineapple on a regular basis may help you with irregular periods and menstrual problems.

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8. Add Cinnamon 

Cinnamon is quite beneficial in regulating period cramps and some menstrual issues. It can help you regulate your menstrual cycle by reducing symptoms of PCOS. Cinnamon is very effective against menstrual pain and bleeding, it can also relieve nausea which can help to maintain menstrual health.

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