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Dec 05, 2012

Menopause, a consequence of aging, triggers hormonal imbalance in the body and causes several symptoms. Do not, however, be dejected as the menopausal symptoms can be managed well by resorting to some natural remedies. Common symptoms of menopause include itching and dry skin, hot flashes or night sweats, brittle hair and nail, weight gain and fatigue. To treat these symptoms, take help of the enlisted natural cures for menopausal symptoms.


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Keep yourself Hydrated: To ease hot flashes due to menopause, drink at least eight glasses of steam-distilled water. You may also take 800 mg of evening primrose oil thrice in a day to prevent night sweats.


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Treat with Soy: Some recent studies have shown that soy contains phyto-estrogens that are estrogen-like plant based compounds, popularly known as isoflavones. The isoflavones are beneficial in easing menopausal symptoms. To treat your symptoms, it is advised that you take 50-100 mg of soy every day. Make sure that you are consuming only organic soy products to safeguard yourself against health concerns related to genetically modified substances.


Chasteberry can reduce your trouble: Also known as Agnus Castus, chasteberry has been a time-tested remedy in easing menopausal symptoms. Its intake helps to stabilise fluctuating hormonal levels by nourishing the pituitary gland, which is the control centre for hormone activity in the body. Chasteberry is known to improve hot flashes, tiredness and fatigue.  Take 20 to 40 mg of chasteberry extract everyday to ease menstrual symptoms.


Tinctures: Mix two tsps. of cohosh root tincture, one tsp. of don quai root tincture, one tsp.  of sarsaparilla tincture, one tsp. of licorice root tincture, one tsp. of chaste tree tincture and one tsp. of ginseng root tincture. Take three dropperfuls of this tincture mixture two times in a day.   


Take Low-fat Diet: Menopause slows down metabolic rate, thus inducing quick weight gain. Eat foods that are low in calories and fat to prevent putting on too much weight. Eat foods such as whole grain foods, fibre-foods, green vegetables and dal that are not only nutritious but also calorie-free.  


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Prepare Natural Toner for Dry Skin: A dry and rough skin is another prominent sign of menopause. To treat it, do not resort to chemicals-laden cosmetic toners but prepare your own natural toner. You will need two ounces of aloe vera gel, 2 ounces of orange-blossom water, one tsp. of wine vinegar, six drops of rose geranium essential oil, a few drops of sandalwood essential oil, a single drop of chamomile essential oil and a few drops of 800 UI vitamin E oil. Apply this toner twice in a day to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.


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If you are also suffering from insomnia during menopause, reset your sleep pattern. Talk to your doctor if the above mentioned remedies do not bring relief.


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