Eyelid Dermatitis or Dry Eyelids Is A Common Problem, Tackle It With These Tips

If your eyelids are dry, make sure that you are moisturizing them regularly to make the skin soft. Read this article to know other remedial options.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Aug 02, 2020Updated at: Aug 02, 2020
Eyelid Dermatitis or Dry Eyelids Is A Common Problem, Tackle It With These Tips

Dry eyelids are very common especially with people who have dry skin. Although not all people with dry skin might not suffer from this condition. Sometimes, it could also be due to skin infection makes the eyelids dry, flaky and itchy. The medical term given to the condition is Eyelid Dermatitis. It is curable with the right care. People living in high altitudes are prone to dry eyelids as a colder climate makes the skin extremely dry and dehydrated which then becomes scaly. If you wear makeup, dry eyelids can make the eye makeup look cracked and unsightly. It is better to resolve this problem either naturally or by consulting a dermatologist. 

How to get rid of dry eyelids naturally?

With some changes, you can resolve this problem naturally without any clinical intervention or topical solutions. Majorly, the only required solution is replenishing the moisture loss. Dry skin problem can be countered by providing the necessary hydration. Here are some helpful tips to bring the change.

Moisturize your eyes

While moisturizing the face, do you also moisturize your eyes properly? Most people focus more on other parts and forget the eyes. The first step to treating dry eyes is moisturizing them daily. Make sure that your eyelids are not dry. If needed, reapply cream or moisturizer at regular intervals to keep the eyelids moist and hydrated. You can also use a specific eye cream for this or make an eye cream at home.

Also, before purchasing an eye cream, make sure that it contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, etc. These help to moisturize and nourish the delicate skin around the eyes that would help to get rid of dry eyelids in no time.

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Avoid unnecessary application of eye makeup

Apart from moisturizing the eyes, there is one more thing that will really help you deal with this problem and that is limited use of makeup. With the problem of dry eyelids, you should avoid applying makeup to the eyes or apply very little makeup that too only if needed. Because as long as the skin is flaky and does not fully heal, makeup can make the situation worse. Makeup products contain chemical irritants that instead of controlling the situation, would aggravate it. Thus, it is best to avoid them. If makeup is essential for you, try making herbal makeup products at home using shea butter. It is hydrating and would fasten the healing process.

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Beauty sleep is a must

If you want to get rid of dry eyelids and unleash glowing skin, good and sound sleep is the key. Getting a good night's sleep plays a major role in making your skin glowing and treating dry eyelids. This is why it is termed as beauty sleep. When you sleep, your body and skin get into the self-repair mode to recover on their own. This means that good sleep will also heal the damaged skin around your eyes. Therefore, to get rid of dry eyelids, take at least eight hours of beauty sleep daily.

The problem of dry eyelids can be treated effectively and naturally if you abide by the aforesaid suggestions. Also, keep yourself hydrated and eat a clean diet for quicker results.

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