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Using Mosquito Repellents For Mosquito Protection: Doctor Explains Its Hidden Dangers

While mosquito repellents can guard against mosquito bites, they can also lead to environmental and health toxicity risks.

Varun Verma
Written by: Varun VermaUpdated at: May 04, 2023 00:58 IST
Using Mosquito Repellents For Mosquito Protection: Doctor Explains Its Hidden Dangers

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The months of late summer, early fall, and early spring are when mosquitoes are at their peak. Additionally, mosquito season is peaking now that it is summer, raising the risk of dengue and malaria. Their buzz is irritating and their bites are itchy. As a result, to protect ourselves from mosquito bites, we immediately switch to mosquito repellents, like creams, coils, and mats. But these repellents come with potential environmental and health toxicity risks. 

To learn more about this issue, we spoke to Dr Deepak Jain, Founder, The Fragrance People. He said, "Lately, an enormous number of insect repellents have been created with the possibility to benefit people and save them from insect bites."

Dangers Of Mosquito Repellents

Dr Jain said, "Besides the benefits of using insect repellents, there is a growing concern about the risk of environmental and health toxicity from the use of these substances." He added, "Insect repellents may cause adverse interactions with your body, which could result in harmful effects like intermediate metabolites."

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He said, "The health risks posed by burning mosquito coils and other repellents indoors are becoming a growing concern." Citing an example from an old study published by Environmental Health Perspectives, he said, "It is right to say that burning a mosquito curl in a suit room adds up to smoking approximately 100 cigarettes."

It is abundantly clear that smoking cigarettes has a negative impact on one's health. Dr Jain added, "The exposure to mosquito loop smoke builds the risk of more serious health effects like developing cancer in the lungs." He added, "The most important message should be to avoid prolonged exposure, especially in enclosed spaces, in the face of this fact."

Alternative Way To Keep Insects Away

According to Dr Jain, you can always choose certain plant-based alternatives that can replace poisonous chemical exposure protecting you from the insect bites. 


Lavender flowers that have been crushed yield oil and a scent that can ward off mosquitoes. Lavender has pain-relieving, antifungal, and germ-free characteristics. This indicates that it can calm and soothe the skin in addition to preventing mosquito bites.

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Citronella is a common essential oil that repels mosquitoes and is made from natural ingredients. Produced using a blend of spices, it is a fix in numerous mosquito anti-agents. Citronella candles can also provide up to 50% more protection when used outdoors.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

One of the most well-known natural repellents is lemon eucalyptus oil. According to a comparative study published by the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, a mixture of 32% lemon eucalyptus oil provides over 95% protection against mosquitoes for up to three hours.


To sum it up, mosquito repellents are necessary when the season for mosquito attacks arrives. However, you can switch to these safe alternatives so that you stay doubly protective. If you have been bitten by an insect or mosquito and experience fever-like symptoms, you should talk to your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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