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Heart Complications That Could Affect You After COVID-19 Infections

COVID-19 has caused a number of complications, it could be especially problematic when it is related to heart. Check them out.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 19, 2022Updated at: May 19, 2022
Heart Complications That Could Affect You After COVID-19 Infections

Corona virus symptoms and complications do not seem to end anytime soon. Even now we do not know everything about the complications associated with COVID-19. However, most of the studies claim that it has had a huge impact on lungs and heart health. Majority of people, especially of older age have got problems such as shortness of breath, chest pain and dizziness after COVID-19. The virus still has a number of effects on your body. Heart related problems could be filled with complications that might lead you to severity. Today we will check out some heart related problems that can caused because of COVID-19 side effects.  

Can COVID-19 Damage your Heart? 

We spoke to Dr. Umesh Barman, Senior Cardiologist and Consultant at Vozart Healthcare Hospital, Kanpur. He told us that yes, COVID-19 can damage your heart and lead to complications such as heart palpitations and chest pain commonly. He explained that even though COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, it can also make your heart suffer. Temporary and lasting damage to the tissues in the heart were major complications faced in period of lockdown. 


Factors Causing Heart Problems After COVID-19 

Temporary or lasting damage to heart tissues could be because of several factors such as- 

1. Lack of Oxygen  

Virus could actually cause a lot of inflammation to the lung tissues. This fills up the air sacs that are present in the lungs which lead to less oxygen in the bloodstream. In times of COVID, it becomes harder for the heart to pump blood that have a history of preexisting heart disease. The heart can fail because of overwork and lead to oxygen problems. Insufficient oxygen in the body could cause death of healthy cells and lead to tissue damage in heart and other organs. 

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2. Inflammation in the Heart 

Corona virus can be affected because of different functions. Inflammation in the heart could also cause muscle tissue to be affected and might cause other infections that could worsen your health condition. Inflammation of heart is known as Myocarditis which might cause damage to the lungs and affect body’s immune system response.  

COVID-19 could make your veins and arteries affected and thus make your heart inflamed. Damage to very small vessels could lead the person to blood clots. This could compromise with the blood flower and affect your heart and body. 

3. Stress Cardiomyopathy 

Viral infections can lead a person to cardiomyopathy. There could be several types of muscle disorders that could affect person’s ability to pump blood effectively. When a person is attacked by a virus, then there are high chances that the body undergoes severe stress that releases a couple of chemicals. This chemical is known as catecholamines and thus could impact your heart greatly. Once the infection gets over, you need to take rest and make sure that you take steps to help your heart recover.


Complication of Coronavirus  

All other complications can still be recovered, but there is one coronavirus complication, that could involve multiple problems and result to life threatening severity. Cytokine storm is the most serious corona virus complication that occurs after COVID-19. In this disease, there is a high possibility that the immune system is affected and it attacks the invading virus in such a way that it could destroy its own healthy tissues. 

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In some cases, people have experienced a genetic difference in their normal defensive approach. When the event is exaggerated, leaving to a cytokine storm. The immune system could be hampered in this condition and this could lead to inflammation that could be overwhelming. It might destroy the health tissues present in the body and could lead to complications in the kidneys, liver and heart.  

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