Know How A Power Nap Can Make You Work Better in These 5 Ways

Do you wait to take small naps in between a hectic day at work? Know how this works for the human body

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Sep 03, 2020
Know How A Power Nap Can Make You Work Better in These 5 Ways

It is common for all of us to feel groggy and sleepy immediately after lunch while working. Some people even prefer taking a short nap or a break before one starts to work after lunch. There even exist some offices Abroad that have a power nap time scheduled for employees to recharge themselves for the remaining part of the day. Even though a concept like this is yet to become a norm in India, but the current work from home scenario still did make it easier for people to take a relaxing break for a few minutes post-lunch.


Did you know that according to experts, a short nap after lunch proves beneficial for all? A short nap relieves physical and mental fatigue caused by prolonged work hours. It has a significant impact on a person's memory, thinking power and efficiency. This power nap provides a lot of benefits to your health, which makes you work efficiently and effectively. Listed below are five benefits of power napping:

Keeps You Away From Stress

Stress and trouble have become common due to constant work pressure. Because of this, the brain is often fatigued. It needs rest to regain its power and energy. Hence, here comes a power nap, which is a great way to get back in shape in between work. So if you feel extra stressed and cannot think of any great idea? Then take a few minutes, put your head down and take a great nap to feel energetic, focused, relaxed and alert.

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Power Nap Keeps You Alert

If you did not sleep better the last night, it is sure to show on your next day. If you are working, and have a busy day, it is a must to have a good sleep a night before. Once done with the lunch, see how a few minutes of napping can alert your senses to a great extent. Power nap does mean sleeping for a long hour but just a few minutes of cutting yourself from the mayhem around you. Besides, it also helps in maintaining your energy level and also keeps you refreshed.

Enhances Memory Power

The memory power of a tired mind is weak. This state is such that the reason may find it difficult to learn anything new and exciting. A power nap relaxes the cells and muscles of the brain. A tired brain starts producing toxic substances, which hurts the brain's functionality. A short nap relieves the muscles of the brain and keeps you 'tension-free'. Along with this, it also prevents the brain from making toxic substances.

A Power Nap Makes Your Heart Stronger

A tired mind and body also have a negative effect on your heart. A nap removes the extra pressure on the heart. It also regulates heartbeat and keeps the blood pressure normal. People who have high blood pressure complaints are always advised to take naps in between a tension-filled environment. This is necessary to cut the tension and recover and recoup to look for possible solutions without affecting the health.

Keeps The Mood Fresh

A little nap keeps your mood fresh, as well. This is especially helpful for those who have stressful jobs or erratic work schedules. Usually, sleep problems are found in those who have different sleep cycles and timings every day or those who have to be awake the whole night and work. Taking a power nap for such people is a must to bring the mind to work better.


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But taking a power nap does mean gone for long hours. A power nap lasts for 15-30 minutes. By taking a power nap, one gets the benefits of both Micro and Mini naps. Along with this, the body functions better and remains fatigue-free.

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