Here are 7 Science-Backed Reasons Why You Should Meditate With Music

Music has healing powers. When combined with meditation, it can bring a lot of positive changes in your health.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jan 27, 2020 18:11 IST
Here are 7 Science-Backed Reasons Why You Should Meditate With Music

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Do you meditate? If yes, you will be eager to know what happens when you listen to music while meditating. Many people believe that music during meditation is a distracting element while the reality is the exact opposite. Listening to the music not only helps in increasing concentration but it also aids holistic wellness by relaxing the mind and body. However, this doesn’t mean that you plug in fast, hip-hop songs! Soft and soothing music helps the mind to concentrate better which ups your meditation benefits. Meanwhile, read the health benefits of music during meditation in this article.

Benefits of listening to music while meditating 

The question that arises in your mind is what happens when you listen to music while meditating. The answer is, when you meditate with soothing music playing, it gives you a lot of peace. Soft music creates a relaxed atmosphere, which makes meditation more effective. It has many advantages.

1. Reduces stress

While meditating, the most important thing is that it takes time for you to concentrate your mind, in such a situation you can sometimes disturb or disturb the voices around you. But when you listen to music while meditating, it helps you to concentrate easily and it is a very effective way to reduce your stress and anxiety.

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2. Increases focus during meditation

As mentioned above, many times you cannot stop distracting thoughts during meditation, listening to music while meditating helps you to concentrate fully. If you want to intensify meditation, you can also include some soft or light music while meditating. This will improve your cognitive abilities and will also help you to concentrate better.

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3. Betters your diet and digestion

Many people do not have control over their food, but you will be surprised to know that meditation while listening to music can help you control your eating habits. If you are one of those who want to gain weight quickly, then you should start meditation and listen to soothing music.


4. Provides healing benefits

Soft or light music with meditation can heal your body. Meditating after some surgeries and listening to music during your work helps you in healing your body. It also makes you feel less pain.

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5. Maintain Emotional Balance 

Listening to music while meditating also helps in maintaining your emotional balance. This will help you to get out of your problems as it is helpful in changing a balanced state of mind. Listening to music while meditating will help you balance your emotions.

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6. Relaxes and refreshes the body 

Listening to music while meditating helps you to relax your body and get it back on track. Also, listening to music while meditating inspires you. It brings a feeling of goodness and helps to relax your body, enhance functionality and enjoy.

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7. Make travel enjoyable 

Often you have seen that most people like to listen to music while traveling or traveling. This is because it keeps your mind calm and the journeys soothing. But when traveling with meditation (especially flight) you can calm yourself down naturally. While you are traveling, listen to some soothing music to calm your mind.

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