Why It Is Recommended To Eat Slow? Know 5 Factual Reasons Behind This

We are often told by our parents to eat slowly. While we neglect that, this habit can actually bring a lot of positive difference in your life.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jan 10, 2020Updated at: Jan 10, 2020
Why It Is Recommended To Eat Slow? Know 5 Factual Reasons Behind This

If you enjoy every bite of your food, it will reach your stomach and satisfy your soul. This is an important lesson that we are forgetting with these days. Due to time constraints and jam-packed schedules, we literally have no time for food. We want and acknowledge all things instant like instant food. But with that, we are neglecting the importance of slowing down for essential things such as eating. We eat just to satisfy our hunger and not for pleasure, which is concerning.

Eating Mindlessly Is Harmful

Some people eat in such a hurry that they don’t even get the taste of what they eat! Before their taste buds could pick up the taste, the plate is finished!

Mindful and slow eating are necessary for the breakdown of food and even distribution of nutrients in the body. We need to allow ample time for eating so that we eat slowly with proper chewing to boost digestion. 

5 Benefits of Slow Eating

Eating slower improves digestion

eat slow for digestion

Taking small bites and chewing them properly gives your stomach room for digestion. Technically, one must chew one bite for as many as twenty times! The more you chew, the finer the food will become and the easier it is for your digestive system to break it down. Simple! People who eat fast complain about stomach problems very often. Lessening the load on the stomach lessens the chances of indigestion.

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East Slow to Lose Weight 

Several studies have claimed that slow eating helps in weight loss. Taking small bites and chewing it for twenty times would tire you out and your brain would assume that you’re full. This prevents overeating which eventually leads to weight loss.

Try this trick and you’ll witness the results within a few weeks.

Overcome Stress With Slow Eating

When you eat slow, you are focused on only eating and nothing else. This helps in keeping stress and all the negative thoughts at bay. You’d notice that by the time you finish eating, your mind would become relaxed. You can now easily focus on the necessary things without stressing out.

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Eat Slow For An Enjoyable Eating Experience

To enjoy your food, it is important that you eat it with pleasure. When you eat hastily, neither you get the real taste of the food nor you feel satisfied even if it is your favorite dish from the favorite restaurant. Even a normal food taste delectable if eaten slowly and calmly.

eat slowly

Eating Slower May Increase Positivity Towards Life

Perhaps the most important reason for slow eating is leading a happy life. When you savor your food, you understand the important role of food in your life. As you try different flavors, your taste buds improve and you enjoy eating. In some cases, this generates interest in cooking which is a life skill also. Cooking is considered to be a great stress-buster. This means, whenever you feel stressed, just get into the kitchen and start cooking. Your life will be much happier and healthier.

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