5 Reasons Why Stress Is Good For You and Your Health

Not all stress is bad, sometimes stress can be good. Here are some reasons why short-term stress is advantageous for your health.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Dec 24, 2019 16:56 IST
5 Reasons Why Stress Is Good For You and Your Health

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Stress is bad for our health, that’s what we believe, right? But stress can be good too. This might be difficult to be convinced of but a little stress does some surprising advantages. Talking about stress makes us all stressed but that is not bad. Scientists say that your body is capable of handling normal stress. 

Eustress is good stress

There are two types of stress- Eustress and chronic stress. Eustress or short-term stress is good as it is normally caused when we are excited and nervous about something. This stress is good for you as it likely boosts your mental health by turning on your body’s natural defense system. Chronic stress is long-term stress which is either frequent or stays for longer is detrimental for your health.

Know Why Stress Is Good For Health

Here are some reasons why we are saying that stress promotes your well-being

#1 Stress boosts your cognitive functions

Until now, we used to believe that stress in any manner is catastrophic but that isn’t true. A little stress which is on the positive side is good for your brain health. It increases your brain’s activity thereby, improving performance. The surge of energy during eustress or short-term stress helps you to get focused on your goal. This kind of stress actually motivates you. Do you realize why being stressed before appearing in an exam or interview brings you good results!

stress increases focus

#2 Increases brainpower

Good stress releases stressors that stimulate ‘neurotrophins’ which are brain chemicals that enhance brainpower. It is likely to increase concentration which thus, increases creativity and productivity to help you excel in your work. Therefore, getting stressed when you have a work deadline may work in your favor.

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#3 Strengthens immunity

During the times of short-term stress, your body suspects threats such as an infection or injury. Then it prepares itself to fight them off by strengthening immunity. It releases interleukins chemical which gives a boost to the body’s defense system.

Now you know why the thought of visiting the doctor during sickness makes you feel better instantly!

stress is good

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#4 Stress makes you stronger

The statement ‘ whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger’, fits in this case. Handling normal stresses makes you strong over time and it becomes easy for you to handle big problems that life throws on you. You r brain is trained to handle the stress.

#5 It helps you achieve success!

Well, unexpectedly, yes. Stress can give success. When you take positive stress for any life event or an important thing, it makes you focused and confident which helps you succeed in your endeavors. When you get stressed about completing a task, you’ll do it with more focus and definitely thrive.

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