Food And Sperm Count: Food That Negatively Impacts Fertility

Male infertility affects around 40% of couples. Here is a list of foods that negatively impacts fertility and sperm count in men. 

Shivangi Sarkar
Written by: Shivangi SarkarUpdated at: Jan 13, 2023 11:00 IST
Food And Sperm Count: Food That Negatively Impacts Fertility

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Male infertility is one of the most common causes for a couple to have difficulty conceiving, yet it is not talked about enough. Male infertility affects around 40% of couples. There are foods that have a negative effect on a male’s potency and fertility. Men often tend to consume these foods without being aware of their harmful effects.

Foods that Impact Fertility

Here is a list of foods that negatively impacts fertility and sperm count in men. 


This worldwide recreational beverage has the most harmful side effects when it comes to fertility. Men who are habitual drinkers or have been drinking for a long time suffer from low sperm count. Alcohol along with alcohol-based products if consumed too much has been shown to deteriorate male fertility by slowing down sperm production. 

Canned Foods

Recent research has shown that canned food that contains Bisphenol A or BPA raisins can kill healthy sperm and reduce sperm production. Perfluoroalkyl acid is also used in canned food which affects sperm production negatively. If your diet is heavily reliant on canned foods you may want to make adjustments to your diet.  

Food That Negatively Impacts Fertility

Processed Meat

Processed red meat like bacon, salami, and beef jerky can lower your sperm count. Pig meat and organ meat, especially the kidneys of pig in particular are very harmful to male fertility as it contains high amounts of cadmium that damages sperm. However, it has not yet been found how processed meat lowers sperm count, it is better to steer clear from it as it is not good for one’s health in general. 

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Soy Products

Soy products like tofu and soybean are usually seen as healthy foods due to their high protein content. But they are also rich in oestrogen and high consumption of soy products can impact fertility in men as they can alter testosterone levels, and reduce libido and sperm count. 

Aerated Or Carbonated Drinks

Aerated and carbonated drinks are commonly used as refreshments. People often tend to consume these with meals as a replacement for water but often forget carbonated drinks can have major harmful effects. If you are planning to have a baby stay away from these because not only are they high in sugar but also because these drinks contain aspartame. Aspartame tends to cause Azoospermia. 

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Food That Cause low sperm count

Whole Dairy Products

Dairy products like cheese and cream are high in fat. Overconsumption of unhealthy fats is bad for one’s overall health. However, the cattle that produce dairy can consume grass, pesticides, and other vegetation which may contain metal and other chemicals. These metals and chemicals could be found in different dairy products that may negatively affect male fertility.