Oral, Head And Neck Cancer Awareness Week 2020: Fight Neck Cancer With These Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Recent studies are proving that when chemotherapy is combined with herbal treatment, it gives better results.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Apr 15, 2020Updated at: May 21, 2020
Oral, Head And Neck Cancer Awareness Week 2020: Fight Neck Cancer With These Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Oral, Head And Neck Cancer Awareness Week 2020: An oral, head and neck cancer awareness week is organized every year throughout the U.S in April wherein a special day is dedicated to conducting free cancer screenings throughout the country. A special attribute of these types of cancers is that they usually spread to the lymph nodes within the neck before attacking the other parts of the body. Cancers that affect the throat and the oesophagus are often characterized by symptoms which include difficulty in swallowing solid foods and in severe cases, even liquids. Cancers that affect the larynx – which is the voice box – may result in changes in vocal timbre (voice quality).

mouth cancer

Besides smoking and the use of tobacco, which are major risk factors, other common factors include excessive consumption of alcohol, alcohol, processed meats and red meats. Not including enough fruits and vegetables in the diet and a lack of regular physical activity also contribute to the onset of the disease. Poor lifestyle choices are responsible for a growing segment of young adult oral & neck cancer patients.

Mohamad Yusuf N Shaikh, Ayurveda Expert and Founder of Kudrati Ayurved shared that one of the ways to fight cancer, according to Ayurveda, is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. People should exercise regularly and consume a diverse diet. We also need to eat plenty of plant products, natural milk, water and fibre, and the minimum amount of red meat and saturated fat.

  • Recently, vitamin D is very effective with regards to both the prevention as well as the treatment of cancers. The data obtained from preclinical studies strongly supports the cancer-preventing properties of vitamin D because of its pro-apoptotic, anti-proliferative and anti-angiogenic performances against the wide range of cancer cells. Given below are some of the Ayurvedic medicines that have been found beneficial in reducing the likelihood of contracting cancers.

vitamin d

  • Tinospora herb helps in controlling abnormal cell cycle without affecting the normal cells. Intake of this herb helps in controlling the growth of unwanted cells.
  • The intake of Garlic also reduces the risk of cancer as it contains sulphur, arginine, flavonoids and selenium.
  • Rasaunt, also referred to as Berberis Aristata has been a potent Ayurvedic medicine since ages. Its antibacterial, anti-diarrhoeal and anti-cancer properties make it an indispensable remedy. Besides treating cancer, it is also popularly used in the treatment of ophthalmic infections.

  • Turmeric, which is a readily available spice in Indian kitchens, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps negate the effect of toxins on the body.

  • Fenugreek, another commonly available herb has been found to have an exceptional capacity for absorbing lactic acid. This cuts off the supply of glucose to the cancer cells, which is their much-needed food supply. Without glucose, the cancer cells begin to gradually die.
“India tops in Head and neck cancers in the world because of tobacco use and alcohol abuse. Together they multiply the risk. Good oral hygiene, dental attention, avoidance of alcohol and tobacco, chewing can avoid most head neck cancers, the deaths and suffering. These cancers are more than twice as popular among men as they are among women. Head and neck cancers are also diagnosed more often among people over age 50 than they are among younger people.” says Dr R Ranga Rao,  Chairman,  Paras Cancer Centre, Paras Hospital Gurgaon.

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