What Is Fast Metabolism? Know 6 Ways To Achieve It

Faster metabolism can keep you away from diseases, read this article to know ways to boost your metabolism.  

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Apr 01, 2022 19:57 IST
What Is Fast Metabolism? Know 6 Ways To Achieve It

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Metabolism is like a engine that powers your body. The better the metabolism is, the more efficiently your body may perform. There are certain parameters at which metabolism can be diagnosed. Having a fast metabolism improves your body functions and lowers the risk of diseases. Fast metabolism also means burning more calories in a less period of time. People, those who are fast metabolism have better performance and can sustain their activities for much longer. If you are not able to burn adequate amount of calories that you are consuming, then you may become fat and the risk of diseases increases. Today we will learn about process of fast metabolism and how to get it. 

What is Fast Metabolism?

It is a process that continuously occurs in your body. According to Dr. Sumeet Nigam, General Physician from Sahara Hospital, Lucknow, metabolism process should not be interrupted at any cost. The faster your metabolism works, the better are chances of being fit. Having good metabolism is the reason behind some people not getting fat even after eating a lot. Effective weight loss process can occur if your metabolism is fast enough. The speed of your metabolism is known as the metabolic rate. This means the number of calories you burn in the given amount of time. This whole process is known as calorie expenditures.


Types of Metabolism 

Metabolic rate can also be divided into several categories. Here are the following- 

Basal metabolic rate- The rate or speed of metabolism at which your body works in the night or during the sleep is known as basal metabolic rate. BMR is the minimum metabolic rate at which your lung breathing, heart pumping, Brain tickling and body warm is that monitored. 

Resting metabolic rate- It is known as the minimum metabolic rate, which is required by a body to function. If your resting metabolic rate goes down, then the chances of death and severe complications can occur. On average, resting metabolic rate accounts for 50 to 75% of total calorie expenditure. 

Thermic effect of food- This means the number of calories which are burned during the digestion process. Thermic effect of food is usually taken as 10% of the total energy expenditure. 

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Ways to achieve fast metabolism 

1. Do not compromise of Physical Movement 

Any type of body movement requires calorie consumption. The more active and physical movement you have, the higher metabolism rate can be achieved. Even basic activities should not be ignored just because of fast metabolism. This boost in metabolic rate is usually known as non- exercise activity, or thermogenesis. There are some basic movements that can improve your fast metabolism- 

  • Doing household tasks 
  • Walking around 
  • Standing up from chair 
  • Going for a long run 

2. Do high intensity interval training 

High intensity workouts are affective form of building a strong metabolism in the body. This interval training methods involves quick and interns bounds of activities, sprints and fast pushups. This workout helps to speed up your metabolism and even after workout has finished there is an afterburn of calories


3. Power lifting or strength training 

Another way to achieve fast metabolism is to do strength training. Strength training or powerlifting create wait to boost your metabolism and promote growth of muscles. It's also been said that the more muscles you have, the better rate of metabolism will be there. Unlike fat, mass, muscle mass significantly increases the number of calories you burn at rest. According to a study even 11 minutes of strength training per day can result to 7.4% increase in metabolic rate of the person. 

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4. Eat more proteins 

A good way to boost your metabolism is to eat more proteins in your diet. It helps to maintain muscle mass and provides the dietary supplements that are required. Any particular food that increases your metabolism is known as thermic effect of food. However, the effect of eating protein after this food can increase your health benefits. A high protein diet can increase your metabolic rate by 20 to 30%. Ask your nutritionist to get you a high protein diet


5. Do not starve yourself 

Many people think that losing weight or eating less can be productive to maintain their health. This is a very big myth as it decreases your metabolic rate. The effect of starving is known as metabolic adaptation. However, consistently eating fewer than 1000 calories per day can significantly drop your metabolic rate and it can cause health complications. Therefore, starvation is not good for your health and cannot promote weight loss. 

6. Drink more water 

If you want to boost your metabolism for temporary purposes or for a short period of time, then you should take in more water. Fast metabolism can be achieved by drinking loads of water. This helps to increase the number of calories burned and the effect is known as water induced thermogenesis. Another important point is that drinking cold water has even better effect than warm water. This is because your body needs to consume calories to work in order to sustain a warm temperature inside the body. 

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