Expert Tips: Vastu Tips For The Kids Bedroom For Their Overall Health And Wellness

Know how to decorate your child's room keeping in mind the basics of vastu. Know tips from the expert

Dr Raviraj Ahiirrao
Written by: Dr Raviraj AhiirraoPublished at: Feb 23, 2020Updated at: Feb 23, 2020
Expert Tips: Vastu Tips For The Kids Bedroom For Their Overall Health And Wellness

According to Ayurveda the human body is a combination of three factors or “tridoshas”, they are ‘Vaat’, ‘Pitta’ and ‘Kapha’. If we analyse these tridoshas, they are made of those Five elements. An imbalance in any of these three factors results in health problems. According to allopathic medicine, any disorder in the water element leads to diseases connected with the blood and urinary system. Imbalance of the air elements leads to asthma or bronchitis related problems. Any deformity in the digestive system or issues with the eyesight is due to the disorder of Fire element. Problems with skin, bones and teeth develop due to imbalance of earth elements. Every organ of the human body has cavities which are influenced by space element. We breathe for 10-12 times in a minute which is air. Every activity of ours requires energy which we measure in calories is nothing but the fire element. The skin and bones of our body represent the earth element, whereas various cavities in our body represent the space element. 


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  • Designing your kid’s rooms as per Vastushastra has its advantages. Take a look at the following tips that would ensure the holistic wellness of your children:
  • Kids bedroom is ideal in North-East were as children bedrooms ideal in North-West.
  • Vastu defects in the North-West zone indicates a disturbance of the air element, and it may cause ailments related to breathing like Asthma.
  • Your children’s room should be well lit (as much possible with natural light) and ventilated. One should ensure that the child’s shadow should not fall on the books while she is studying.


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  • The study room should not be below any toilet or a beam.
  • The bedroom should be square or rectangular without any cuts or edges. The square and rectangle represents all the four directions and offers a balance of the five elements and the three gunas
  • Your child’s bed must be placed in the west, or the northwest corner of the house for good health & success and the bed must be made of wood. Avoid metal frame in the child’s bed
  • Ideal place for children study room is West - southwest. An alternative option is West to North-West.
  • While studying, Children should have back up of wall like solid structure with North-East more open, lightweight & blue coloured with strictly face towards North-East.


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  • One should avoid using dark colours in the children’s rooms. Pastels, greens, blues are the best for your kids’ rooms and can have a calming effect on the child’s temperament
  • In case of toilet or kitchen in Northeast of the house, which is highly negative, parents should pay utmost attention to health and academic progress. Otherwise, severe losses are likely. 
  • A family is constituted by the mother, the child and the blessings of the elderly parents. And their wellbeing is primary to you. We understand this and simple ways of organising your home could go a long way to bring in peace, health and wellbeing for your loving family. 

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